Thank you for Registering

Lee: Hello everyone, you’re receiving this message from us because you registered for the "Twelve Layers of DNA online course."

Monika: We are so pleased that you are going to be joining us, and we are so excited that we are going to do something special for everyone who has registered for this:

You are going to be receiving some bonus material in addition to the online course.

Lee: There are actually two videos for you, just because you registered, and the first one will be Monika and I doing an
"Affirmations for Intent" for each DNA layer. We are going to read them in a meditation form, as one of the special bonuses ...

Monika: ... and you will have an opportunity during that affirmation video to also say those affirmations aloud for yourselves.

Then the second Bonus material, a special video created for you, will be Elan Cohen, who will be giving you The Twelve Layers of DNA with the Hebrew pronunciations.

So these are the two products you will receive in addition: the DNA AFFIRMATIONS from Lee and Myself, and the DNA LAYERS with the Hebrew pronunciation from Elan Cohen.

So hopefully with all of those things, your cells will be buzzing, your DNA will be dancing...

Lee: If you want to know where these are, again - because you’ve registered and we have contact with you, that information as to how to get those bonuses will be in an email.

So... enjoy.

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