Special Guest: Marilyn Harper

On Healing Wednesday with Hosts: Lee Carroll & Monika Muranyi
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Featured Guest

Marilyn Harper

Divine Link for Adironnda & The Council of Light


Marilyn Harper has been bringing through messages of Higher guidance for more than 24 years as the "Divine Link" for Adironnda & The Council of Light. By the power of Spirit, she receives and conveys love, activations, healing, and wisdom from Higher dimensions, including Ascended Masters, Archangels, and Galactics.

After a "Walk-In" in 1993 and her spiritual awakening in 1996, she became a Reiki Master. Soon after, Marilyn realized that she was able to "see or sense" into the human body and bring messages in from other dimensions. She would leave her body at night and travel inter-dimensionally to another realm, doing healing work. One of those realms was the 17th Dimension, where Adironnda first encountered her.

Marilyn volunteered by raising her hand, stating: "I will go anywhere, say anything, do anything, as long as You can prove to me that You are God, or Source, moving through me." That was all it took for the "Source of All That Is" to connect Marilyn with Adironnda in 1999 and soon after The Council of Light. Together, they are loving and funny and gently assist in healing the heart, the past, and in activating whatever is in the highest good to be activated for the betterment of humanity.

Adironnda says they were sent from Source to help people awaken faster and prepare them for the Earth's shift into Higher dimensions. Marilyn Harper co-authored "Double Digitology: Decoding the Messages of the Universe through the Power of Numerology" with her business partner, Joeaux Robey.

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