Join our affiliate program

We appreciate all the love and support from our Kryon community.

In order to encourage your continued support and sharing of our products and events we would like to invite you to join our Affiliate Program called Friends of Kryon.

Here are a few reasons you would enjoy affiliateship:

  • Earn a commission on every valid sale. Commission is earned once per sign-up for recurring memberships and on qualifying events, products, and services.
  • Get Updates First As an affiliate you would know about our upcoming promotion schedule, events, and all information you may need to help you plan your promotion schedule, including assets and copy.
  • It’s free to join. Our affiliate platform helps you monitor your performance in real-time so you can see the effectiveness of your affiliate campaigns, see who purchased what, and see your commission!

To apply fill out the form below and you will receive your acceptance letter and commission percentage as soon as you have been approved.

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