Awareness is Changing the Planet

In this video, Kryon shares why it's important to surround yourself with love and how it can support your ability to find peace.

Surround Yourself with Love

Greetings, Dear Ones; I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. There's no better place to be than what has just been described. If you surround yourself with love on purpose, that comes from this planet, you can't help but feel the peace and grounding there. It's a good place to start, especially because of this channel. We have just described what I have meant by cognizing in a question and answer.

Are you able to hear that question? To cognize something means it's a certainty. It cannot be changed. My partner says it is a word that does not exist in his language. It does in some others. Something that happens is the fact that you know so well that it cannot be changed.

In this, Dear Ones, the Lightworker, the one who is learning to touch their Soul. The one who is learning what peace truly means that can be obtained at any time. That's the person who has cognized the love of Spirit in their life. In the Circle of Twelve, there's been a time when we cross a bridge constantly into your Soul.

Engaging Your Own Soul

Through these programs, some have said, "I am now cognizing the fact that I have a Soul and that I can go there at any time because now I realize it's mine to go to." These are the kinds of things we talk about when it comes to the changes that awareness brings. I want to give you another thing to cognize. Dear Ones, your awareness, purpose, and all of the things you might be awakening to, what's it for?

This has multiple answers, and the one that you can pull first is the one that might be closest to you. We have told you that those who become aware, especially of the attribute, the metaphor of light being your awareness, are starting to realize that it changes you. It changes you. Now, this is a healing program, but the channellings are generic. That is to say that they are listened to outside of the healing program, so we want to make you aware of some things.

These layers that you could assign to your awakenings, to your enlightenment, are profound. This energy carries with it an attribute that it never has before. One of those incredible light attributes, you might say, is that it’s changing the demographics of who is interested in light work. Did you hear that?

Begin to Better Understand Who You Are

My partner has been channelling for many, many years, and in that time, he knows the age groups of who is interested and who is not. Suddenly, since 2012, there has been a push toward many young people starting to look at themselves and ask the questions that only the mature ones would have asked in the past. What am I here for? Is there more than I was told? They're motivating me more and more to hear some of these kinds of things that I speak about.

This purpose that we're looking at, why are you here? Number one is finding awareness and being aware of who you are, truly who you are. You are a creature that has been made in love by the Creative Source, and you were made magnificent. That is who you are. And in that magnificence, you can start saying, "What can I do that I was told I could not do?" There's so much there and more after you get through with that.

My partner just got through answering some questions in the Circle of Twelve Experience. Since this channel is listened to by many who are not part of that question and answer program, I will tell you, the question is, how can I make a difference to others? And the answer is, to love them. And that is always the answer and always will be the answer. And it goes further than that.

The Answer is to Love

If you're becoming aware and the metaphysics is disturbing, perhaps some people think it's just a little too weird or wild or goes against what they have been told in their churches. There is no way that you can then justify yourself; there's no way you can defend yourself. You cannot tell them about this program or perhaps these channellings. Instead, Dear Ones, the only answer is to love them. Surround yourself with love. And in that, you become something that we want to talk about, which is another layer.

We return to a paradigm, a metaphor, an idea that is truer today than before. And here it is, you are the lighthouses of the Earth, and that is what a lighthouse does. So, let's look at that particular metaphor again, for it is so valid in many ways, especially as a metaphor. Sometimes things fall apart metaphorically. This one does not.

What does a lighthouse do? It stands alone on the rock unshaken because it's cognized its light; it's real. Its use is almost always in the dark. Have you got that? It stands alone on the rock, and the light steers those around it into a safe harbor if they choose to look.

Heal Yourself from Within

Now, think about this. As the captain of the vessel steers to where the lighthouse says to go, they don't particularly absorb the light. They don't necessarily become a lighthouse. Anyone who is navigating in the dark on an open sea has the choice to look or not at the lighthouse, which signals a safe passage.

Instead, they use the light to see better, congratulating the lighthouse. They love the lighthouse for helping them to navigate their lives better. Then the next time they're at sea, they look for more lighthouses. They know they work for them and need them because they're always in the dark. Dear Ones, this is the world around you; there are so many in the dark.

There are so many who feel the night is here. They cannot get past what is happening to them or on the planet at the moment. They're so confused and so fearful. Here you are, an aware Lightworker, and you don't try to convince them that they need to be a lighthouse. All you do is love them, and that is the light that may steer them into a safe place.

Shine Your Light Before You

Eventually, they may ask you what you have that they would like. If they see something in you that is desirable, they would love to have it. Perhaps how you navigate your life, and it seems that you're so lucky, has nothing to do with luck. You've learned to shine your light before you and surround yourself with love. If they want to know how that's when you introduce them to some ideas but not until then.

So, the lighthouse is a generic Lightworker who doesn't then spread the light so that others will become lighthouses but instead spreads love. This is not just an idea. This is your purpose, to be so confident and cognize what you have that you know by spreading that light, that love. Surround yourself with love, it'll change your family, relationships, life, and eventually the planet.

Let me tell you something and there are enough of you right now. Even those listening, there are enough of you to make a difference in your town, city, family, and eventually on the planet. It starts to wake up to something it didn't expect, a higher consciousness, and new paradigms. In place of much of what you believe that's happening. Negative and fearful, I'll tell you, light is winning; you'll see.

That's the message. It's always the message, but especially for you right now to hear. That's what you're about. Thanks to all those who hear this message who are now young and ready to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others around them. This is new energy. And so, it is.


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