Lee Carroll Light and Dark

The Battle of Light and Dark

The Battle of Light and Dark

In this video, Lee shares what Kryon tells us about the current battle of Light and Dark happening on Earth now.  Here's a transcript of the video should you want to read along.

Kryon Grand Egypt Tour

Hi everyone, this is Lee Carroll. I'm talking to you from our studio and just wanted to mention a couple of things. People have asked and personally mentioned some things. Monica and I went to Egypt all through March. It was a 30-day event. At that time, most of you know that because you saw, or if you didn't, you should.

We did 19 fun little, short videos for you, but it came with a price. We had to prerecord all of the Healing Wednesday programs in advance for March, which we did. Surprisingly to most of us, the war we are now having on this planet happened almost as soon as we were done recording and we were going to Egypt. It's one of the interesting things I found. 

An Unanticipated Situation

If you listen back, some of you who are members can listen to that, which was the replays of March. You'll find that, interestingly enough, it's almost as though Kryon knew it was going to happen. Some of the actual channels were literally about that potential. That's not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about how this has shocked and surprised all of us.

Even though Kryon had talked about these things happening, we didn't expect it to happen this way. I just wanted to mention it and talk about it. I want to talk about it in a way that won't offend anybody politically, or rights or wrongs, or do's or don't or countries, but I have to say it. I've been to Russia eight times. I've been to Ukraine twice. 

I have stood where explosions are happening right now. What I saw in both those countries were people just like us. In Russia, they love their families and want peace as much as we want, honestly. We saw happiness, good times, and people wanting the very same thing for their kids. In Ukraine, the second time I was there, they were actually celebrating their independence from the Soviet Bloc.

We see all of these things, but what we see in common is people who want what we want. In my opinion, what's happening today is not what either country wants, and yet, there it is. It's dark; it's in our face; it's horrible. Right away, I was just smacked with how old it was. Some people have said, "Welcome to 1943" that's how it looks. 

A Shift was Coming

It's just awful; the things we see and have been there just strike you as unconscionable. It strikes you as not of this world anymore. It's like an old newsreel. I want to address it, and I want to address what Kryon has said about it specifically, just so you know. We did not expect this. 

Yet, if you listen to what Kryon has said in these last years, these two steps forward are one step backward. The biggest thing he said was, "A shift was coming. A shift was coming." He said that so many years before we got it. Then when it started, it started gradually.

We started to see a gradual change in what we wanted and what the planet wanted in the 2012 experience with the Mayan calendar. With the procession of the equinoxes, all of these things that the indigenous talked about. It showed in our culture and many places that were starting to grow up and care about each other a little more. The dirt started showing more. 

What do I mean by that? Things were always there, the biases, inequalities, and the abuse of kids. It started to show, and we started to look at it and go, "This is unacceptable; what can we do about it?" We just barely are on that path.

The Potential of Youngsters

But that's new, and it's the first time that this has ever happened in hundreds of years where it actually showed. We are starting to try our best within our culture and society to be kinder to each other, have more compassion, and the organizations the same. We're expecting more of our politicians, and we're not getting it yet, perhaps, but it will. As Kryon says, "We're waiting for younger people to come around, younger than I am."

I believe that because I know so much about how young people think—social media is different for me as a senior. The reaction that I've seen from those under 40, the youngsters as I call them, is phenomenal. I'm seeing wisdom that I never saw before. I see ideas we never thought would occur. We're getting ideas that are supposed to happen when you're older from the young people.

When Kryon says, "So much of the planet is waiting for the young people to get into important positions, the teachers and all." I really believe it, and I congratulate all of you for the high thinking, consciousness, compassion, and prayers that are going out right now for all of those in trouble during this war. I would include the Russian people, please, because right now, what I know and have seen is they're not fully aware. This is not what they want. The Ukrainians are under such pressure. 

Battle of Light and Dark

The death and horror that they're seeing, we haven't seen that for 75 years. Not like this, not on a world scale like this. This is what I want to talk about. Kryon told us that the old energy, define it, this is it, you've seen it. Would flail and start-up as a child with a tantrum to keep this planet from growing up. 

Kryon said that over and over. I can't tell you how many channels he said, "Watch the dark side; they're not going to go easily." The light on this planet is starting to show. In showing it, there are those invested in the old energy because it pays them well, and the corruption is all their interested in. The control is all they're interested in. 

You're going to see it everywhere. Not just in the war, you'll see it in corporate matters and other politics. You're going to see it in our country, in other countries. Perhaps we already are, but the point is right now, I want to tell you that all of this has startled everyone. Take a look at the reaction to light and dark right now. 

The surprise and the shock, although it was big, came with something else, and that is really something I wanted to talk about. It came with a planet that said, "No." It's still saying no. We don't know where this is going right now. But even when Switzerland, which has been neutral forever, takes sides.

When some of the ones we thought, countries would do one thing and not another, they're even looking at it and saying, "Well, maybe we'll wait and see." It looked so inappropriate, and we know it's inappropriate. You know it's weird, it's odd, and it's the darkness. Those invested in the old energy, trying to keep the light at bay, don't want it. They're seeing it coming, saying, "Nope, not on my watch and not going to let it happen."

Seeing Through Compassion

This is probably going to continue because there's a lot of old energy darkness out there. It'll try to attack us, say that we're crazy, and it'll try to do all manner of things. In the process of all of it, watch this. Do you want to know how to judge it? If you want to judge what is right and what it is wrong, look for compassion, love, kindness, understanding, non-judgment, and unbiased. 

That will tell you where the light is and not necessarily what they say. I want you to look at what is being done and will tell you everything. Is there love, compassion, and kindness? It's something that we don't often talk about. I've been channeled for 33 years, and this is what I talk about.

It's not a cult. If somebody says, "You follow Kryon, and it's a cult." Tell them to go to my websites, either KryonMaster.com or Kryon.com, and look for a place to donate money. There isn't one. We believe in energy exchange, products that cost a reasonable amount, and that is how we make our living. We're not donation friendly.

It's a time when we get together with anybody who wants to listen. We talk about love and bettering yourself through love, kindness, and compassion. That's all we've ever done. That's what we're going to continue to do. Those who see us who don't like it find reasons, we're biased, we're this, we're that. 

Light Will Prevail

All we want to do is tell anybody watching that there are better ways in this life to handle it than have ever been thought of before. We can be kind to one another. We can love each other. It has an energy that is contagious in the field, and others catch it. It's like laughter, like joy where it's catchy. 

It's like your smile, and others smile, you laugh, and others laugh. I know I'm oversimplifying it, but cultures are like that. The more kind we are to one another, the politics will eventually get that way. We'll realize, "We better be kinder to each other; people aren't going to like us." The dirt is shown on the planet when the light turns on. 

That's what's going on. Hang in there, folks; it's going to get better. My heart wishes everything to those suffering right now all over the planet. But especially in this war-torn area where I stood, I really feel it. It's hard not to think about it, but I am sending all of those you love who are hearing this right now who are in trouble. 

It goes to those who are experiencing health issues and abundance issues. I want just to say that, especially with what is on the news, which I'm still not watching; I'm reading, is just unconscionable. So, let's continue to send light there so it'll be over soon and see that in the field. I see that in the field, and it may not be in the way you think. Kryon has mentioned that as well.

Thank you for being with me. Thank you for listening. Thank you for loving each other. I'm going to close now to say what Kryon has always said. He says, "I am Kryon, in love with humanity." Me too, thank you.


27 thoughts on “The Battle of Light and Dark”

  1. Nancy Mora!
    Everything that is going on right now is what is supposed to happen. Lee our beloved guide from Kryon has been telling us what is happening with such love and caring ways preparing us for these events. I have nothing but gratitude and an immense love for all you do. I pray that the energy of love, peace, joy will be among us teaching us what it is to be compassionate.

  2. I thank everyone-anyone who is kind for being kind. Kindness is saving the world. Thank you for firing up my joy. Here where I am the deer are in the meadow, the squirrels are scampering tree to tree, and Mr. and Mrs. Blue Jay are building their new home near the rose bush. They too are building joy.

  3. Tonja Polosky Burchill

    Thank you so much Lee. This message is so pertinent to what is going on now all around us. Sometimes I become discouraged, I really don’t watch the news, I too read it on the internet to limit the input. I see love and compassion from so many now and am aware that this light and dark conflict is happening for a reason that is beyond our comprehension. There is so much sadness and illness in the world, however there is so much love and healing here too. I see it all around because I look for it. Our family is going through a severe health crisis at the present time. There has been such an out pour of concern, compassion and love, I have never seen anything like it. I am thankful for it all and can see with esoteric eyes how this situation was intended to happen no matter the outcome. I am also thankful for the love shown by the Kryon CO12 Healing Wednesday family. It has meant a lot, I don’t feel so alone.

  4. Great message, we all need to reset our thoughts on things around us, and this goes a long way to facilitating the process.

  5. Thankyou Lee,
    This is a very welcome message. Your point about loving the Russian people as well as the Ukrainians is very important. I am trying to find some compassion for Putin who seems to be in the depths of great fear.

  6. Angelica Smith

    Lee, thank you so much for your messages. Whenever I begin to get “ down” about circumstances, no matter what the arena, I quickly think about the messages of hope that Kryon has given and you repeat to remind us about. I don’t know where I would be had I not had these important reminders that things are getting better and there is hope! I have also passed this hope on to others and made a difference in their lives and how they feel. You and Kryon are such a blessing! I am so glad I found you back in 1998! You both have been a source of strength, inspiration and hope. Yes, it is unbelievable that there is a war going on in this day and age. I’m glad that the majority of countries are speaking out against it. I would like to know if Kryon has seen any way that Putin would stop? I send Putin light and love too because he needs it more than anyone!!!!
    Thank you for being a light to the world! All my love, Angelica Smith

  7. Natalie Guisto

    Thanks for the update. We all need to hear this positive message. The world has changed . Unfortunately the media is very negative. I met you first back in the 1990s in Philadelphia area. I Am hanging in for the new loving new world.

  8. Hi Lee, Thank you. Steve said it so well and yes, please do touch base like this again, occasionally. . It’s so personal and timely and feels good.
    I appreciate you, your loving heart, and Kryon of course.
    Compassion and love to all.
    We’ll keep the light on for ya!😘
    Jane Onken

  9. Thank you so much for this message!
    Yes! I shall look for love compassion and humanity !
    I will show more compassion and less judgement in my immediate life…
    I love that compassion is catchy.
    I pray for peace in Ukraine and all over the world.
    I love it when Kryon says I am in love with humanity and for good reason!
    Lots of love to you and to your team

  10. I am italian, I’m actually leaving in a country where dark light is showing its best, but where lightworkers and divines energies are also growing very fast. So I can tell you that your message, has touched my heart profoundly. Listening to you, I got the sense that you were particularly touched and your words went straight to my soul. Thank you very much, I feel the truth in all of Kryon’s messages and I know that the more the light grows, illuminating the dark part of humanity, the more people will wake up. Again thank you, may God bless you.

  11. Hi Lee,
    You and Kryon are the ones, who really keep me going forward and help to keep hope up and spread light. I love Kryon’s messages, but I have to say, I was a little skeptical when I started to listen to them about 5 years ago. It’s kind of funny, how all of Kryon’s messages make sense to me, and I feel like “yes, I knew that already, thanks for convincing it”.

    It is so exciting to be here right now, in these times of a great shift! At the same time, it’s frustrating and insecure. To see, how horrible things happen in Ukraine, but also to see, how many countries’ governments are not doing anything to protect their citizens.

    Your work is so important, I’m grateful to all of you. And I make all I can to spread your message and light as a lightworker. Love to all of you who read this.

  12. Thank you for such a wonderful, uplifting message of hope. How you ended it was felt deep in my heart. ❤️

  13. Thank you Lee and Kryon. This message says so much, but the real power of what you are saying is so much bigger with the laugh, the kindess, the building up and the times of being outside close to the Earth. The real confidence and juxtaposition is that spending time outside in nature is so very powerful right now, the laughter shared with a neighbor is so very powerful right now, the extra empowerment we can give to each other is so very powerful right now, that all this goes on and on and builds and builds. It helps us to see the good, to connect with the good, and know when to let the dark just flow over us, for if we fill our space with the love, the good, the nurturing, then even when we acknowledge that something around us is going very wrong, we feel it and balance ourselves with the real good that some want to ignore. If all of us fill ourselves with all the wonderful energies and kindness and support and love, then they will not be able to ignore the goodness and love and light around us anymore.

  14. Shirley Clark

    Thank you so much for this Lee and thank you for offerring it in video and in the written word. Brilliant. I listened to the video twice and still got so much more on another level as I read. Love, Compassion and Kindness , I see it so clearly. As usual with Kryon it is exactly what I needed to hear, and to read today. It is as true as true can be
    Loving you all forever.
    Shirley Clark in Canada

  15. Thank you, Lee, merci, infinite love light, and gratitude, we are holding the light through our daily prayers for peace to prevail in the heart of humanity, for the spark of divine love to awake and shine in every heart, Light will prevail, may Peace prevail on Earth 💖🌺

  16. A beautiful message, Lee, and my gratitude for bringing us Kryon over the past many years. Experiencing channelling is fairly new to me, and in my retirement I have been able to spend many hours absorbing the wisdom and insight being offered. In that time, perhaps close to a year now, I have grown a great deal spiritually, but that’s not what I want to talk about.

    As much as it is difficult to see these warring events take place I do understand that they can represent growing pains for us not directly involved. I don’t think I would call it growing pains if bombs were exploding around me. Although I am shocked by the depths which darkness will go to survive, and the grief this war is causing for so many, I choose to take a step with understanding and to take the understanding deeper.

    My wife, Cheryl, was walking around our neighbourhood the other day and saw a garden that was breathtaking in this early spring. She stopped to talk to the woman and was taken around on a short tour of the garden. When Cheryl asked the neighbour what part of the world she came from the woman lowered her head and with a sorrowful voice said Ukraine. Cheryl learned that she still had family there and the woman was distraught as they were in harms way.

    When Cheryl came home shortly after and told me this story all I could do was hold onto the countertop with my head bowed and try to hold back my tears. Hearing this immediately led me to compassionate action. Without knowing names or location of her family I visioned a peaceful time ahead for all and put that in a clear bubble and asked spirit to put this in their path that they might find it for themselves.

    In this retelling I still shudder with sadness and tears that bring me to compassionate action once again. This is the new me that never used to be brought to tears with sad news. Thank you Kryon, and thank you, Lee.

  17. Thank you Lee! It is very important message for me and for Ukrainian and for Russians and for all the world. It is important for us that you remember Ukraine. We Ukrainians love our freedom, we want peace all over the world and in our country. We remember your last visit to Ukraine and hope you and your wonderful team will come to Kiev. We were waiting for your visit so much. …and we are hoping and waiting even now.
    With love from Ukraine!!!

  18. Thank you so much Lee for your Dear message and transmissions. I BELEIVE in the Beauty of Light information and in the Divine transformation of the World in infinite Love, in inconditional Compassion and Healing. As Kryon and you Lee, I am in Love and Compassion with Humanity, Heart to Heart and Soul to Soul. Véronique.

  19. Thank you Lee, Thank you Kryon for all the support and guidance you have given us over the years, you have always been a light that has illuminated the dark times and has allowed us not to fall into despair. With love, thank you

  20. Marjorie Hofacker

    Lee, thank you so much for your beautiful message. I’m holding on, more stronger then ever because I have done this many times as an old soul.. I’m holding the light, staying grounded and remain in the heart center with the frequency of love and compassion. I’m staying at the lighthouse in this planet of the planet.. as a light warrior for love!! Thank you and Kryon for loving humanity so much and never gave up! You are not alone so I. Sending to all the grids of the planet much much love and compassion!!!

    Marjorie 💕💖🌍🙏🏼😊

  21. Warren Quashie

    Thank you, Lee for this message…I have been following you And Kryon for years and your. Channels are my passion.. I firmly believe Light will win over darkness and I will continue to sent light to the planet. Thanks again for your work..!

  22. Karen Phillips

    THANK YOU LEE. Tears pour down my face just feeling the compassion for the whole world and wishing there was a way to intensify the light to shine on and burn away the darkness/old energies. Your and Kryon’s channelings mean so much to so many souls…old and new. May we all have peace around us and in us. Namaste.

  23. Nancy Merrill Justice

    Dear Lee,
    This video is so timely and so very appreciated. As the Light & Loving consciousness grows around us more brightly than ever before we necessarily must see what needs to be transformed/ transmuted / released — and it is distressing to witness both ends of this shift. Your reminder to lead with our Hearts of Love and Compassion helped sooth some of my angst and to shift my attention more fully on the Light. As always …. In Perfect timing. Thank you.

  24. Thank you Lee, I always remember the 2 steps toward teaching’s, never the less, it comforts my bear to hear from you, I have noticed the worlds reaction to this assault, it is something we never saw before, daily I send light to both countries, and to the peoples of both countries, blessings to you and Monika, looking forward to what is already in the field, I never forget that God is not in a box🥰😘😘🙏🙏🙏

  25. Lee, thanks so much for this message. It IS hard watching what is going on, and while Kryon (as well as many other guides) has said that we have ‘passed the marker’ and good times ahead are a virtual lock, it’s still so difficult dealing with the pictures, interviews and stories we are seeing and hearing. I personally have felt myself despairing at times and wondering will it ever get better, but have been able to get my spirits back up by thinking about all the wonderful people supporting and helping each other around the world in the MANY conflicts going on, not just in Ukraine- the news only shows a fraction of those good stories, but I believe they are the REAL news. Please do make more videos like this occasionally to help us all keep our spirits up and our thoughts focused on the love and compassion! I appreciate you and Kryon so very much, THANK YOU!

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