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Matt Kahn -  The Glory of Divine Will

Matt Kahn shared with us that as a kid he looked up at the sky one day and said, I want to know the glory of divine will. Matt is a spiritual healer, highly attuned, empathic healer, and teacher. He is the author of the best-selling books, Whatever Arises, Love That, Everything Is Here To Help You, and The Universe Always Has A Plan. He serves the awakening evolution of sentient beings everywhere throughout this heart-centered planet.

His global audience finds the support they seek to feel more loved, awakened, and empowered to the greatest possibilities in life during this critical time in history. Matt's spontaneous awakening arose from an out-of-body experience in early childhood. Through direct experiences with the ascended masters and archangels that have helped him deliver what he's doing today.

Matt brings forth a life of revolutionary teachings both written and spoken, using his intuitive abilities to see, hear, feel, and directly know. This assists energetically sensitive beings in healing the body, awakening the soul, and transforming reality through the power of love. That is what Matt's life is all about.

A Remarkable Dream

When I was about eight years old, I had an out-body experience. That time, it felt like I went to sleep on any ordinary night, and I had a dream. I found myself in a garden filled with the most exquisite colors of light bursting in every flower and petal. I was raised in the 1980s, and during that time, there was a big campaign about don't talk to strangers. When I was somewhere without my parents, I felt very scared as a kid. My first sense in this garden was, I don't know where I am, but I feel safe. I even felt more love than I've ever felt from my family. I was held in a love I couldn't explain.

I walked through this garden and found myself moving through this Field of waist-high flowers. I simultaneously realized I was floating above the flowers while also seeing myself moving through them. I couldn't explain, but the love was intense; it didn't need explaining. About 10 feet in front of me, I saw this figure in a white robe, with shoulder-length dark hair, and a dark beard motioning me towards him. I had no idea who he was. I was raised Jewish in my upbringing, but I felt a familiarity. I floated close enough to him. I could see this pure light pouring out of his eyes. As an eight-year-old, I thought of scary movies where people rolled their eyes up in their heads. I had that funny thought, and it broke the state of the experience.

I immediately fell through the garden. I fell through the sky, and I fell back into my body. When I landed back in my body, I realized I had left it. In the corner of my eye, I saw the same figure in the doorway of my bedroom. It is motioning me towards him in this white or etheric energy as I would now call it. The very next day, I went to a friend's house and said I had the most extraordinary experience. They had a painting in their living room, and I said that's who I met. He said, "Matt, this is Jesus." I go, "Well, I don't know who he is, but that's who I met." Then my friend had this reaction like Matt; you could not have met Jesus. I didn't know why it seemed so illegal at that time, but in my heart, I knew that's who I met.

Connecting with the Ascended Masters and Archangels

From that experience, I began to live life with the sense of angels walking with me in my peripheral vision. I didn't even know what an angel was, but I knew that's what they were. I started experiencing direct knowing where I just knew, but I didn't know why, but it had that energy of the garden. It's just something that I learned to trust.

When I was about 18 or 19, in my early 20's, I began receiving direct messages from ascended masters and archangels. I put these guides through every test because I had an experience I've always wanted to have with the universe, but I also wanted to make sure I wasn't just completely insane. I had this direct communication with the ascended masters and archangels, and they began inspiring me to go and deliver messages to people, like in the grocery store. If I didn't, I felt like my heart was going to explode.

That was a little interesting, going to people in the produce aisle and saying, "Hey, you don't know me from a day in your life, but your grandmother wants me to say this to you." People would have these very overwhelming experiences. I didn't know what I was doing. I just knew how to do it. It led to all these other synchronicities. I was led to a bookstore to take a psychic development class. They asked me to teach it in the third week, and I laughed.

The Grail to Serve the Spirit

I told them that I was there to learn. They said, "Can you do a reading?" What's a reading? I would just sit down, and within a short amount of time, I began guiding the lives of many people who had come to me. After just serving humanity, I think my YouTube page has about 20 million views or something. For me, this is the fulfillment of my entire life's dream where when most kids my age were dreaming of being the next Michael Jordan or being a police officer, I was dreaming of a life where I was serving Spirit.

I remember going to a grocery store and saying to someone next to the oranges, "Hi, you don't know me; before you run away, let me say this. The Spirit asked me to tell you this. If I don't, my heart's going to explode. So here we go."

He burst into tears and said, "I was just processing the loss of this relative. How did you know? I needed to know that." I replied, "Well, I was just told to pass that on. I'm just a messenger."

I've had so many experiences in my life of sitting in front of someone at an event. This energy of light comes through me and pulsates into the presence of someone who was at stage four cancer. Their life changed. They happened to go to the doctor the next day, and it went from 80% cancer to 20%.

Seeing Through Miracles

I want to have a front-row seat and see the miracles of the divine throughout my life, and humbly, I get to do that. I get to be the space in which this comes through. I get to walk away and then just as flipped out as what came through me because I'm a fan of this field. I'm such a student of this work. The work that I do with my audience, I love this work. I love life, discovery, and magic.

I love being a space to show people that magic is real. The other side is reality. I talked to my parents about the book that I wrote that is coming out next year. That's not a fantasy; that's my everyday life. When I was a kid, I would be mesmerized by magicians. I didn't want to know how the trick worked because, in my heart, I knew magic was real. For me, this is a way for me to help. It is not only to heal others and awaken their hearts to love and unity but to help remind people that magic is real because it's what we are.

Divine Connection

My guides trained very early as I was put to the test. They said, "Look, it's not about who we say we are; it's about the quality of the content of what we say. You will never hear us say anything out of alignment with what we are here to share with you."  It didn't matter if I would do this thing where every guide had to have a specific color, or a picture every time I talked to them; it had to be the same.

If they wanted to introduce me to a new guide, it had to come through someone I already knew. I did this very specific thing because I wanted to make sure. Suppose I'm going to do this work with people's most sensitive areas; I want to know that what I'm doing is compelling and reliable. I take very seriously people's trust and traumas that we're all healing.

They would say things, and I would go, why is that? Just to see, would the personality change? Would they get frustrated? Would the content ever change? Nothing changed in the 15, 20 years I've been working with the ascended masters and archangels. Amazingly, the most significant thing I've learned from working with these beings is how they treated me with respect and love in their presence. My mission was always transmitting consciousness. I transmit the teachings and treat every person the way the masters treat me because that's what they're teaching me.

Have Faith With Your Guide

After 10 years of my life doing this work, I finally was able not to have those lingering doubts. What got me into the work before I could resolve my doubts, because you have to resolve some of your doubts as you go through into the Field to do the work was that I would just see and feel that people were just suffering so incredibly and people were suffering far worse than I've ever suffered. There was this original game that I played with myself that said, "I'm going to get so clear that I can feel confident coming out with my message." What interrupted that was the recognition that people are just suffering too deeply and can't be about this perfect way of doing it.

I got to get out, and I intend to help and serve. I would ask Spirit every day, to let me be exactly what people need for the healing they deserve and desire. As I was in the Field doing the work, I was trained, and as a channel, I taught things I'd never heard before. I can say things I've never said before. I'm outside of myself, studying what I'm doing and saying. I don't read books. Over 15 years of one-on-one sessions with people, I would listen to the dialogues and what people say about other paths. I would hear what I would say in response. That's how I educated myself, listening to what came through me. It was a very interesting process, but what got me, to be honest, was how deeply people hurt. I desire to be that healing space for the people, including myself.

Accept Your Reality

One of the fundamental shifts that are imperative to realize is that our life experiences might be different from an old paradigm belief. An old paradigm belief might say how I'm feeling is based on my perception of reality. There are times when that's absolutely true. In this new paradigm, what we're finding is that it's not what I would call I am in pain, fear, in terror is the fear and terror that I am personally healing for the collective.

What I identify with and call my stuff, and then we apply spirituality and say, "How can I get myself out of my stuff?" So I can then be in greater access with my better stuff, which is an interesting play of the spiritual ego. Instead, we say, I accept that the terror and fear that I feel is my energy Field processing and releasing for the collective. Then we start to experience space from that terror and fear. To process and release it via our fields versus identify it and look for ways to maneuver around or beyond it.

Connected Differences

Spirit is like Woodstock, and we're all these different bands. We're all singing the same themes, but we all have different melodies. We all have different lyrics and journeys we take people on. I believe that every bit of truth, every expression is just a piece of this. We all need to hear it all in different ways for it to click because our brains are wired, and we have subconscious programming and associations of certain words and phrases. I love being on this show to share and connect because we are indeed together. Together we are helping all of us to wake up as one.

There is a new energy on the planet, and we are entering a new cycle. I think what's interesting is we think about the spiritual path and the wisdom offered. There are different dimensional perspectives. There is wisdom in the third dimension and the fourth, fifth, and so forth. In this new paradigm or new cycle,  what we're finding is that we're redefining the teachings from a space of oneness. Any sense of division or separation with ourselves is not attempted to resolve by more spiritual division or separation. What struck a chord is when I had my life-changing experience as an eight-year-old, and I've had all these awakenings that have been cataclysmic- level throughout my life. Holy, you know what awakenings, where it feels like everything of my past exploded and oozed out my ears.

Healing Through Love

I realized that love is the highest vibration and the highest truth from this perspective. It became my mission that if there was teaching to offer to resolve anything, it had to come from the highest place of love. If we're going to unravel these life egos, how do we do that in a loving way without throwing it in a trashcan or trying to abandon it? I often say if it wouldn't be the way you speak to a child, it might not be the way you would treat yourself. It became my mission to redefine everything through the eyes of love. If we are becoming more enlightened love beings, then love should be the path that gets us there.

Absorption Foreshadows Transcendence

There's a three-word phrase I was taught recently. I was talking to the universe about what's happening on the planet. It's so easy right now to look at the world and go; everything's going insane. Everything's going crazy, life is crazy. The three-word phrase that I always work with the universe on is absorption foreshadows transcendence. At a collective level, an individual must first be absorbed in a certain condition to build up the pressure like a slingshot or like a volcanic eruption. Then create this transcendent force that takes us beyond the identification of something.

As a planet to transcend systemic racism, we've had to go through a period of being fully absorbed in it in a more conscious way, which we experienced over the last year. For the divine feminine to come back and do equal prominence, we've had to be absorbed in all the ways the feminine is being repressed. For us to transcend fear, we've had to be absorbed in it. To transend division, we've had to be absorbed in it, which has been the majority of what we've experienced during last year and so forth.

What's interesting is what's next. Right now, we've been experiencing a lot of absorption, and it's making people tired and disillusioned. It is truly a process that is important to transmutation. It tends to break down the energy and vitality of so many energetically sensitive beings. Where we're going next is we're moving through absorption, and we're entering into transcendence. What it's going to teach people is that it's not just doing your spiritual work and I do my work to transcend then. There's also this period when we have to be absorbed in something long enough to steep and build up the energy that gives rise to transcendence acceleration. It's a balance of co-creation.

Dig Deeper To Unburden Each Layer

I call this process the subtraction method, which I was taught many years ago. It would start with any time we are feeling any dysregulation in our nervous system or any kind of upsetness. What we want to do first is to know where the feeling is. It could be your mind, heart, or your stomach. It could be any chakra. It could be an organ or a limb. Then we would ask ourselves to label it once we've located it. What is an adjective I could use to describe this sensation? We have to know that everything that comes to us is always right. Let's say we find it in our heart, this feels like anxiety. Then what we do is feel the anxiety, and we feel underneath the anxiety, knowing that everything is always right.

Maybe under the anxiety, we feel uncertainty or whatever word comes up. We feel it for a moment, and we go underneath and say, what's underneath that? Perhaps that could be upsetness, sabotage, or disillusionment. We keep going through this process very slowly, breathing and just taking our time. The pivotal point and most people think they're wrong when they get to this point, is they'll get to a point where the answer is I don't know. It's actually the right answer because I don't know when the ego gives up control of the process. We say, what's underneath, I don't know?

One to two or three layers under I don't know is light, love, joy, and oneness. Each layer that we've gone through is a different layer of incarnation and emotional imprinting. It allows us to clear the layers of emotional density, but in a way where we are befriending our feelings instead of having an oppositional relationship. Again, as always to clear, to transmute, but always in the name of love.

Spreading the Learnings

For a listing of upcoming events and to be a part of my free newsletter I send out every Sunday, my website is I also have free videos on YouTube. Even though life can look like it's being flipped upside down, it is an even more fertile opportunity and invitation to be a part of the most extraordinary Shift that we and all of our ancestors and other avatars have been prophesizing and preparing for. It's a true honor to serve at this time and be a part of this incredible awakening.

I also post videos. I have two calls a month called total integration. Once a month, I do a thing called project resolution, a free global meditation, where every month it's a theme of taking something in the world in headlines and using our light to add positive change to what we're seeing in the world.

A Book to Remember

My next book is called Holding Space. This is my fourth book, and the subtitle is how to be with ourselves, connect with others, and face a world of uncertainty. It is about how I embody love and express compassion when interacting with people of different belief systems. How do I hold the space of love so I'm not just in meditation, one with Spirit? But how do I connect with Spirit when the Spirit is dressed-up as a person vehemently anchored in a different viewpoint.

I've just taken the idea of every kind of life's sticky situation where people will say, "Hey, this teaching makes sense, but what about this circumstance?" I wanted to write a book, especially at this time in history, to address difficulties. I talk about so much. I share many personal stories from my life that people have never heard. I speak in a whole chapter about my life's experience of systemic racism and the realizations I had. I love every book I've ever written.  It' helps fulfill my life.

It's coming out in the spring of next year. I'm doing my last week of edits this week, and it will be published in the spring of next year through Sounds True. Everything I've practiced on how to communicate, I've practiced with my family and at family functions for better or worse. I've learned some very specific things that I think are pivotal and powerful. The book itself, I don't know. I know, as you know when you're sitting there, and you have a feeling like you are capturing lightning in a bottle. When I channel and felt that holy coming through me, I kept pressing save every three seconds because I was afraid it would delete. Then I send myself a copy because I'm just so freaked. I'm like, "Oh my God." When I write, I write from the perspective of what I want to leave behind as my contribution to the world. My other books are incredible, but it felt like this prepared me for what I've put into my new book. I am just like, wow

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