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Donna Eden & David Feinstein - Giving Hope Through Science and Energy

Donna is among the world's most sought-after, joyous, and authoritative spokesperson for energy medicine. Her abilities as a healer are legendary. She has taught more than a hundred thousand people worldwide, both laypeople and professionals. She taught them how to understand their body as an energy system. You can study with her through videos, DVDs, books, and other home study resources.

Donna Eden has been teaching people how to work with the body's energy system to reclaim their health and natural vitality for nearly four decades. Now able to see clairvoyantly since childhood, she sees the body's subtle energies. She not only works with those energies to further health, happiness, and vitality. She's made a career of teaching people who don't see energy how to work with them joyfully and effectively.

David Feinstein, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist pioneer in developing innovative therapeutic approaches. This led to nine national awards for his books of consciousness and healing. His wife, Donna Eden, has built the world's largest and most vibrant organization teaching energy medicine. Their latest award-winning book, The Energies of Love, achieved best-seller status, on a New York Times relationship list.

David has served on the faculties of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Antioch College, and the California School of Professional Psychology. He has received numerous awards for outstanding academic work. As a licensed psychologist, he has contributed more than 100 articles to the professional literature in his field.

Start with Self-discovery

This began because I was very sick. From the time I was 16, till the time I was about 30, I had multiple sclerosis and it was getting worse and worse. I went to see five different specialists because I wasn't walking much anymore. I was told that there was nothing anybody could do for me because all my organs were breaking down.

Something amazing happened to me. When that last doctor said this to me, I did not feel frightened. It was like some lightning struck me, and I knew I would be well. I knew I was going to do it. On that day, I went home, and I just knew energy, but I'd never used it for healing.

I went home, and I just put one hand on my knee and one hand up towards my thigh. I held them there for about 3 minutes. During that time, I could see and feel the energy moving over my thighs. I had not been able to feel or see energy, or my legs didn't work in my thigh area. I just knew, or I'm just going to continue on.

An Astonishing Experience

I'm going to figure this out. I'm going to make energy move all over me. I'm going to get well, and that's how it all began. When I started getting better, it wasn't multiple sclerosis that got healed first. First, all my allergies, the wheat, and grains went away.

Then my asthma went away. I had all these different things occur, and I could eat foods I never could eat before in my life. Then multiple sclerosis went away, and when it was gone. I wanted to share it with everybody under the sun. I just wanted people to know that whatever their ailments were, they could get well and get better.

I became probably a little obnoxious in the beginning. I wanted to share it with everybody, but it's still my great joy. I love it, and I love sharing it. It was before I met David.

Opportunities Between Different Perspectives

David was quite a challenge for me because he does come from the left brain world of science. It took him a while to believe me, but he eventually did. Donna was quite a challenge for me. But I had some preparation. When I was in medical school at Hopkins, I was in the department of psychiatry.

One of the first jobs I had was to look at alternative therapies and the therapeutic innovations that were happening. I interviewed the founders of 46 different systems. At that time, there were about 200 new therapies. I was able to ask tough questions.

I was able to come from a skeptical viewpoint on these new therapies. I found out that there was a lot of fluff. There was a lot of old wine and new skins, but there was also some genuine innovation. When I met Donna, I had that headset in that experience, and I was able to ask her tough questions.

A Proven Belief

She was able to answer them in ways that were quite credible. Now she sees energy, which I don't, but her answers were very empirical. Empirical means based on observation and experimentation. So she'd have someone on her table look at their energy and see where they're blocked.

Then she'd do something to unblock it or get that energy into a flow. Maybe what she did was she'd trace a meridian, and maybe it worked, maybe it didn't. So she'd see, "Okay, that didn't work. Well, maybe it's in the chakra." She'd work with the chakra, and maybe that worked, maybe that didn't.

If that didn't work, she'd look at, "Okay. Well, the triple warmer that maintains habits, maybe that's keeping this from changing." She'd experiment with that. Then finally, something would work. That was how she healed herself by doing that kind of experimentation on her own body.

Bringing Science and Energy Medicine Together

I met her right after she had really overcome her MS, but she still had some symptoms. Her organs were breaking down. She had a heart attack when she was 27, and the 5 different specialists told her to get her affairs into order. They doubted that she had two more years to live.

She also had 2 young girls, and she was determined to bring them up. That motivation, passion, and ability to see her energies and work with them led to something that has touched many people's lives. We've trained about 1600 people in her method at the certification level. They're working with thousands of people every month and making a difference.

So, the answer to your original question, how did we get into it? Donna got into it by healing herself. I got into it through marriage. Energy is the language your body speaks in. Every time you move and you're animated in any way, that's energy moving you.

Energy: It’s All Around You

When you feel fabulous, that's energy. When you feel rotten, that's energy. If you're feeling bad, there are really easy tools you can use to move that energy to make you feel better. To get over a cold or get over anything. To get your vitality back if you've lost it or anything and everything.

You need to have energy work for you. Maybe how your brain works better? Energy travels everywhere, and your body valiantly wants to be healthy and healed. Once you learn these tools, it begins to thrill you how it all works. After 40 years of doing this, I still am thrilled.

I'm still so excited about it. It is mind-boggling how your body already knows how to heal, and you just got to get on board. That is the question I was asking Donna, "Well, what do you mean by energy? The energy in physics that's the ability to do work." I found out that she's talking about different kinds of energy.

The Capacity of Energy Medicine

She's talking about an energy that carries information. An energy that has intelligence just as your brain has memory. Your energies have memory. Those memories are significant for health and healing. In energy medicine, you have a conventional understanding of energy.

That is, electrical signals move all through your body. That's how you walk, talk,  think, and breathe. There are energy fields that are in every organ. The heart and pancreas has an energy field. That's all measurable.

That's all well understood. There are brainwaves that are measurable, and energies that are understood. But energy medicine doesn't stop there. It also works with subtle energies. Donna sees these subtle energies through her eyes. It is amazing to me still after 45 years together.

He really can't get away with much. I can see it in his energy. It's very dangerous for a couple. If I'm attracted to somebody, she knows it.

One-minute Energy Exercise

I love what you said is that the body wants to heal. That is so true. We talk about our Innate, which are ready for our instructions. It's just we've forgotten how to communicate with our own bodies.

Every Wednesday, the Wednesday energy minute, my kids and I, and sometimes David do a one-minute energy exercise that anybody can learn. They can go on and see it. You can go onto YouTube and see them now. There are 400 of them now because we've been doing it for several years.

This is so simple. Put one finger on your belly button, push it in and pull it up. The other finger right here at the third eye, push in and pull it up. Now, both of them are pulling up, and it may make you want to take a deep breath.

It makes oxygen move, but it also connects up to two major meridians, central and governing. When they connect, usually that's about enough, but you can go more. They'll connect at the back of your throat, and suddenly there's a field. An orbit that goes around your body, either way and it's within the aura.

Let Go of Stress

It helps your aura pop out further, but it is natural protection. It helps you come back home to yourself if you've lost yourself a little bit. That's one of the simplest things I know. There are many things it's like to know that when you take a deep breath in, it is the out-breath that will help you the most.

If you keep breathing out, your parasympathetic nervous system turns on, which calms you and turns off your body's stress levels. You do not end up with some stress-related illness. Here's one that helps me. I tend to scramble if I get stressed, and I used to think I would never in a million years teach.

If I stood in front of people, I would lose my words. Well, that's just an energy thing. I learned to do an exercise and I'll just tell you. I'll do a shorter version. If you put your hands out in front, cross your fingers, bring them up like this, cross your ankles, and breathe in and out slowly.

You can keep doing that while I talk for a minute. Because energy wants to cross over, this crosses your energy, and suddenly you can think again. Your words are right in your mouth. You can think, and you can talk.

Triple Warmer Smoothie

If you're trying to figure out a problem, a math problem, or anything, your brain will work better if you just do that exercise. I'm going to give you one more because it's so important. Everybody rub your hands together and shake your hands off. Lay your fingers sideways over your eyes.

Now, take a deep breath into your nose. As you let your breath out, drag your fingers to your temples. Now, take a deep breath in here. Now one more deep breath and push above your ears. Then go around behind your ears, drag your fingers down, and land on your heart chakra.

That is what I call a triple warmer smoothie. Triple warmer is the energy that governs fight or flight or freezes. When you put your fingers over your eyes, it is over energy called the regulator flow. This is going to regulate things in a new way. You come to your temples.

These are called neurovascular for triple warmer, and it just calms things down. When you go around your ears, that's going backward on triple warmer, taking energy out of that flow. Coming down your neck, you're going on your vagus nerve, making stress disappear immediately. Then come to your heart chakra, where you're coming home to yourself. That's a great one to do whenever you're stressed.

Animal Medicine

It really is. I probably couldn't see me, but I was doing that. I was thinking of the time I used to work as a ranger in the national parks. Sometimes we would have to go in and rescue animals. Some of the things, if you could get a blanket to cover their eyes, they would calm down.

It begins to regulate things. It makes complete and perfect sense. We've got a couple of teachers who teach classes on how to do medicine with animals. They're presently teaching classes right now on animals and it works. It's so perfect.

Since you said that about over the eyes, I'll tell you another thing. Have you ever found yourself throwing your hand up to your forehead, just saying, "Oh no? Oh my God?" Do you know how we do? I think that it is something that our ancient ancestors must have done.

When you get stressed out, you lose blood from your forebrain. It goes into your body for the fight, flight, or freeze response. Suddenly you're just muddled and you can't think and don't know what to do. But if you put your hand up here, your hand is electromagnetic. If you lay your own hand over your forehead, it'll draw the blood back up into the forebrain so that you can think again.

Testament of Success

The book has these things in it. In fact, over the years, we've had people get in touch with us who've just found the book. Then want to relate what happened to them. I think one of my favorite memories was three or four years ago. Somebody told us to look at the cystic fibrosis blog and see what's going on.

It was a group of people from all over the world who'd had double lung transplants from having cystic fibrosis. They were teaching each other worldwide how to use the book and how to help their lungs accept the new lungs. How to help the energy flow through them and stay well and healthy. Everybody was having wonderful success.

I was told there was no way out of this because all my organs broke down. What I found was how magical the body is. It's magic, and it's science, but it is magic. It's magical science, I guess. I've worked with people who had cancer who had heart problems.

I can't think of anything that hasn't worked on that somebody didn't get either well or much better. I've had many people who had tumors and could take the tumors away or shrink the tumors. An inoperable tumor could suddenly be operated on because you were able to shrink it with energy. The body is brilliant, and energy is the life force. Again, it's what our ancestors, I am sure did long before doctors ever came on the scene.

Leap of Faith

When we were writing the book around the middle '90s, we got a very nice advance, so we cut our practices back to halftime. I would interview Donna every day. I'd ask her the tough questions. I asked the people in the Hopkins Study, and she would have good answers.

That was one thing that started to turn me around, but also, with 1600 practitioners, we see the successes. We're just finishing a paper now with case studies of people that had allergies for years. Allergies that would send them to the hospital. Allergies that would keep them from being able to work. They couldn't get relief until they came to Donna's approach to energy medicine.

Knowing that we can write papers like that, I wouldn't say that you can count on energy medicine to heal cancer. But you can know that there is some hope that it's an alternative treatment. That in some cases, it will make a big difference. Donna's going to say that it'll make some difference in all cases.

I believe that we're all here today because our ancestors did energy medicine. That was what was natural, that's what you did. I don't think it was unnatural for people to see energy either. I am convinced that when babies are born, they see energy.

Open Up Your Senses

There is so much to learn in that first year of life. If somebody doesn't keep it alive, it'll just go dormant. We were in a town for 20 years where I watched kids grow up. I had worked with them when they were little. Their parents wanted them to be able to see energy.

So I said, "Just keep it alive. Just keep talking about it. Whether you see it or not keep talking about the colors you see around them or whatever it is." I got to see kids grow up and see in energy when they were adults. So it was just, that it didn't go dormant.

I've seen many of my teachers who never saw energy in my work. Just because they've been working in energy for so long now, more and more senses open up. Seeing sight is one of them. It's just a sense that opens up.

A Way to Learn

People can learn more about this by visiting You'll see a tab there for 3 free classes. There's one that's a more general energy medicine class, so that would be a great place to start. Then that leads to more advanced classes.

If you're interested in ongoing classes so that you can get skilled in this, there are students all around the world now who teach it. Not students; they're teachers now. You can find those on the website also. You can learn this so well.

Every Human Being on the planet ought to learn this because your life will be better. When you feel empowered to take care of your own health or your children's health. If you've got a child who is having trouble in school, you get that energy moving through the right places in the head. Thinking better and learning what they thought they couldn't learn.

Regain Yourself from Anxiety

There is nothing that this isn't good for. It's really good for the energies of love as well. Your willingness to learn and discover that's essentially all you need. You don't have to be a practitioner. You can be your own scientific experiment.

Right now, a lot of people are going through fear. There is a lot of anxiety, another lockdown, all these things, jobs, whatever. I have been teaching for 40 years, which I call the daily energy routine. You can find that on our website, and it takes five to seven minutes to do it.

If you're feeling really stressed or anxious, do those exercises. Your body itself will start learning new habits so that you don't even move into the anxiety or fear so much. You start moving that energy out and you feel wonderful. I cannot imagine living without that daily energy routine. It just makes your energy flow as it's meant to.

We live in a world we didn't evolve to live in. All of these unnatural energies and toxins in our air and stuff protect you from those things. Your body can either throw it off or learn to adapt. So it's really important.

Turn Back and Keep-Alive

For 45 years with her as a psychologist, I started to learn how to apply energy methods for psychological issues. Like anxiety, which everybody now is experiencing with the way the world is. There's a whole Field called energy psychology, which we haven't talked about today, but it's very powerful. It can make a difference with PTSD, any anxiety-related issue, and depression.

When I came into the Field around 2000, there was no research at all. Now there are more than 120 clinical trials that really show that it's effective and works fast. There's a separate area of our website called That will tell your listeners about that area. People know it as EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques or tapping, but it's all part of energy psychology.

Thank you both for sharing your energy with us. Your joy is infectious, I must say. Even without learning some of those techniques and the eye things, just being in your energy Field fills us with so much more joy. I just have to throw in a teeny-weeny little piece. So many people who've lived under stress for so long might wonder what happened to their joy.

Where did their happiness go? Suppose you strip away those stress levels of energy underneath. In that case, there is an energy system that we call the radiant circuits. You can turn back your joy, hope, sense of awe, wonder, and gratitude. All those things begin to turn back on, and they're real energy techniques to get them on.

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