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Ancient Healing Secrets

Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer is an exceptional, and compelling book by Dr. Clint Rogers, Ph.D. It is accompanied by web links to very helpful and fun videos. Monica and I have actually purchased and given over 20 of these books to friends.

Dr. Clint Rogers, Ph.D., is an award-winning university researcher who had no time for alternative medicine until he encountered the ancient healing work of Dr. Pankaj Naram while desperately searching for a solution to keep his own father alive.

Now, Dr. Clint spent over 10 years traveling with this legendary master healer, documenting many of the ancient secrets and thousands of healing stories. Now, in his highly acclaimed book, which I happen to have right here, Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer, he shares some of those incredible stories and secrets. The book has been translated into over 30 languages.

A 2000-Year Lineage of Master Healers

It describes the unbroken lineage of master healers that goes back over 2,000 years to Jivaka, who was the physician for the Buddha. Within this book are the six secret keys to life to create and maintain vibrant health, unlimited energy, and peace of mind at any age.

Five months ago, we interviewed Dr. Clint on this very eve, and it happened to be the very night that he was to receive a knighthood from Italian Royalty. Now, I'll just pause for a moment, a knighthood from the Italian Royalty. He really did. This knighthood was in recognition of all the healing that he had freely given to humanity.

Dr. Clint, my friend, welcome to this show.

It is so good to be with you. I'm so honored to be here and grateful to be with you both.

Before we go any further, give us a glimpse of who you are and what you do. What was your day like today?

What Do You Want?

The times I speak with you are so, I don't know, synchronistic or beautiful. Today is actually New Year's in Nepal. I've been coming for over 10 years with Dr. Naram, the master healer that the book is about, and he always wanted us to visit these orphan homes and make sure that we support these orphan kids. A big part of the ancient secrets is asking, what do you want? Today, I asked the orphan kids, "What do you want?"

And they said, "We want to go to a water park," and they've never, ever been to a water park ever before. I got a bus together, and we took the kids there, and it was so humbling. I didn't realize that they didn't even have a swimsuit before. We've always taken care of their food, their school fees, and different things like this, but on the way, we had to get their first-ever swimsuit. It was the first time they'd ever been in a pool of water, the first time they'd ever gone down a water slide.

Connected to the Energy of Synchronicity

Because even the big kids, didn't know you could just stand up in the water. Sometimes it was disorienting coming off of the water slide. They had to like to get a little help to get their feet on the ground. And then I forgot to tell them, don't drink the water. We had our first-ever swimming lesson. I don't know, so many things where whatever was the troubles or problems in my life kind of melted away because I just realized there's so much to be grateful for. That was a beautiful day here in Nepal.

How precious. I think that's just an example of how things spill over in your life once you get connected with energy that is bigger than you. I think that's what happened to you, Clint, you connected with something that you couldn't deny with your own eyes that led you on this journey to doing what you're doing now.

 A Western Skeptic

I would love you to just give us a reader's digest version of the story of how Dr. Naram saved your father's life and how that blossomed into the work you're doing now.

Thank you, Monica. You're so right that it's well beyond me. Even the subtitle of the book, says A Western Skeptic, An Eastern Master, And Life's Greatest Secrets, I started so much as a skeptic and so honestly arrogant. I had a Ph.D., and I was a researcher at a university. I was trying to solve all these problems with my mind. And then sometimes we get thrown into situations or challenges that we can't solve, and we need to reach for something greater than ourselves.

This was one of those moments when my dad called me on the phone and said he needed to meet. I said, "Well, I'm your kid. We can just talk on the phone." He says, "No. I need you to meet me in my office." That's when I knew something was off. I remember going to his home office and sitting at the chair in front of his desk, him sitting at the chair on the side of his desk and his eyes were on the ground for a long time.

I Just Met this Master Healer

And finally, when he looked up is when he told me, he says, "I haven't told your mother and I haven't told your brothers or sisters, but I don't even know if I'm going to live through this week. I just want someone to know where the loose ends are, so your mom doesn't have to worry about it." Man, I still remember that moment, feeling desperation and confusion and feeling like all the things that mattered at the university or different things faded away.

And I said, "What's happening?" And he told me about how he was visiting four of the top doctors, two of them that same month says, "We don't know what else to do to help you." He had high blood pressure, so he was on medication for that, high cholesterol, on medication for that, diabetes, medication for that. But the big issue he said was he was in so much pain. At night, he felt like someone slammed his entire body against the wall.

My dad's always been optimistic, and always found a positive twist on things, but it was the first time I ever heard him say that so much pain that sometimes he didn't know if he wanted to live to see the morning. Depression coming, early onset of dementia, so many things. What do you do? I told him, "I just met this master healer."

I’ve Tried Everything

"Tell me, what else have you tried? I met this master healer who says that just from touching your pulse, taking your pulse, he can know what's happening and how to help you." Monica, you mentioned the six secret keys of the Veda. But again, I was so skeptical, I didn't even know what they were. I didn't have any connection with them. I just knew that I was desperate. When I told my dad about this master healer, he did not look interested at all.

He says, "I've already tried homeopathy, reflexology. I tried Chinese medicine. They've all made big promises, but they haven't helped me. I'm still in this situation. Clint, please just pay attention to where the passwords are, so we can get through this." So then I tried my best to focus on what he was saying. Finally, I said, "Dad, Father's Day is coming up and I really don't care what you say. I have to do something. I'm going to fly you to meet this master healer."

No More Pain

And that's when my dad cracked a smile and said, "Well, at least it can't hurt." And then I'm just going to fast forward to the story. Six months later, I'm sitting in the same office with my dad, in the same chairs, and he says, "I have another big problem." I was like, "What is it this time?" Pulling the box of medications from behind his desk, he smiles and says, "Now my problem is I don't know what to do with all these medications."

In six months, he'd gone from 12 medications to one. He no longer needed blood pressure medication, cholesterol medication, or diabetes medication. His own doctors took him off of the medication, saying, "You don't need this anymore." He had no pain in his entire body. No more sleeping pills. No more CPAP machine.

His mind was so sharp that he says, "Now I want to complete my life's work, something I've been working on for 30 years, which is writing this book about how to help kids make good choices." He says, "We teach kids what to think, but not how to think. Can you help me finish this book?" I was like, "That's a way better request than the last one."

There is Hope

That is just one of the many heartwarming stories that Clint has to share. What I love, Clint is that what you represent is something that is accessible worldwide, because Dr. Naram visited Italy, many other places in Europe, and all around the world, actually. I would love you to tell people because there is hope. That's the one thing I want people to hear.

Yeah. Well, I want to say that, again; I was so skeptical. But when you see something like that happen, especially to someone you love, I mean, I felt like I'd been given a gift worth more than millions of dollars. I actually went to this master healer. I called him and I said, "Thank you. Thank you for this gift. I want to help you. I want to help make sure people know this is a choice. They may not choose it, but I wanted people at least to know this is an option." And at that point, he laughed.

Everyone Should Benefit from these Ancient Secrets

I was so confused. Why is he laughing? I said, "Well, I know you need help." And he said, "Yeah, I need help." Dr. Naram said, "My mission is that every heart and every home on planet earth benefits from these ancient secrets." I said, "Well, then let me help you." He said, "No because I know you now." I was like, "What does that mean?"

He says, "I know you. Your mind is too crowded. Even if I told you what these ancient secrets are, you will try to figure them out with your head instead of understanding them with your heart." I was so confused because my job as a university researcher was to figure stuff out with my brain. I said, "What do I do?" And that's when he says, "Well, two things, and one of them is to go for a period of silence." He challenged me to go for 10 days of silence.

I don't know if anyone on this call has ever been for that long of silence, but it does something powerful to you and to me and everyone I've ever talked to. It's actually one of the most powerful things I think we can do. There's a scripture that says be still and know that I am God. I used to think it was like God saying, "Be still down there, everybody." No, I've got this taken care of. But now I think it's like a mathematical equation. You be still and you're going to know God.

Into Silence

It's inevitable. I thought the entire journey was to help my dad with healing, but I didn't know how much healing I needed until I went to silence. I saw really how crowded my mind was and how many... Most of the things I was doing were familiar to me. Other people invented the games I was playing. I saw people make up countries. I have a university Ph.D., but I just played this game. People created the university. I played this game and I get this degree.

I saw that money is totally invented. It's not a real thing. And in that silence, I said, "What else can we do as humans? What other new things can we invent that are healthier? Instead of just automatically playing these games that other people have invented, what else can we do now with a new awareness of who we are?" And actually, I had a secret wish that the entire world would go into silence, and then something kind of like that happened.

I was one who was very excited when the world slowed down. I was like, "Yes!" And then people say, "When are we going to go back to normal?" I was like, "No, we don't want to go back. Let's go forward. Let's go forward."

Six Ancient Secret Keys

Absolutely. Let's go forward. Let's now move forward because, tragically, Dr. Naram passed. I know you felt that deeply. And yet the legacy of his work and his mission is continuing through you, through the book, and through the hundreds of doctors that have studied his method. What is moving forward?

First, when I came out of the silence, I told Dr. Naram, "Thank you. Thank you for that gift. Not only did you save my father's life, but you gave me new life. And now I want to help." I felt blessed and honored to travel with this master healer for 10 years.

His patients were people like Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, thousands of 9/11 firefighters and first responders, documented thousands and thousands of cases, all with the purpose that people didn't have to come to him, but that they could actually just pick up a book or go online and take a course and discover those six secret keys to having vibrant health, unlimited energy, and peace of mind.

The World Needs Your Voice Now

I knew if he had this mission to touch every heart and every home on earth, he couldn't do it meeting with 300 people a day. I did the math. It would never happen. Just as we're all ready to launch the book, the most unexpected thing happened. He left the body. Honestly, in those moments, it brought me to a pretty dark time.

I thought I had been working this whole time with so much devotion and so much love to do this launch so people would know that he existed, to know that he could do these things, and then he left. I remember sitting there... Actually, I don't know if you know Jack Canfield; he is co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul; he was in India undergoing one of the Panchakarma, the deep healing processes, with his wife Inga.

I told him, "I think I'm going to go for a year of silence, and I don't know what I'm going to do next. I don't know if I'm going to publish the book. I don't know what's going to happen." I was just in my depression. He looked at me really strictly and he says, "Clint, I've read this book, and I know the world does not need your silence now. The world needs your voice now more than ever, and the world needs this book."

The Unexpected Guest

He put it in my mind that, okay, at least what I can do is publish this book. Now, the prayer service came for Dr. Naram, and I remember that night, I was, again, just like this cloud of depression. I felt so much discomfort that I couldn't sleep that night. I didn't go to sleep, I got out of bed at about 5:00 AM and I said, "I just have to move my body." I was walking around the streets of Mumbai, and I remember just feeling like someone was following me.

I looked, and I couldn't see anyone. And finally, I looked, and I looked down and there's this dog following me. I was like, that's so weird. Dr. Naram was so soft on almost everything, but he was really strict that if a stray animal, a homeless person, or someone came. We always had to give them something. There's a principle. Actually, it’s one of the three ancient secrets I share. You treat the unexpected guest as if god himself or herself has come. Is it okay if I share this story really briefly?

Yes, please.

Depression Replaced by Awe

In my depression or in that cloud of confusion, suddenly, this dog shows up. I think, "Okay, in honor of Dr. Naram, I can feed this dog." I waited until it was morning. I got some food. I put it down, and he didn't eat it. He just looked at me, looked at the food, sniffed it, and looked back at me. I'm like, "What do you want? What do you want?"

I left him, and he followed me for almost one, or two hours. As I'm wandering the streets of Mumbai, this dog just follows me around. Then I finally went to the home of Dr. Naram, where his son was. In the process of his following me, it reminded me of so many of the ancient secrets that Dr. Naram taught. I was too arrogant or too hardheaded to see at the moment. I was writing them all down. The depression faded away as I was feeling more and more in awe.

I remember I did a Facebook Live video with this dog just so I could share some things that I was rediscovering in my heart. When we finally got to the home of Dr. Naram, I said to Dr. Naram's son, Krishna, "What is happening? I don't know how to explain it, but it's a miracle."

His Name is Milo

At that home, we had dog food. He started eating dog food. Now Jack Canfield's wife, Inga, says, "You know, the name you should call this dog is Milo because you found him when you're at your low, my low. He reminded you of your love, my love." Okay, I just shared this part really briefly because it gives the whole context.

That night, he's still following me. I was like, "What do I do?" I went to my apartment. I say, "Thank you so much for giving me the gift of your presence today. I don't know how to thank you enough. If I see you tomorrow, I'd be happy, but if I don't ever see you again, I just want to make sure I say thank you."

I shut the door. He started barking at my apartment complex, waking people up. I opened the door and put a blanket over him. I'm like, "Oh I'm so sorry." [Inaudible 00:56:31]. Treat the unexpected guest as if god himself or herself has come. I put a blanket down. I was like, "Here's a blanket. If you want to stay here, I'd be so happy to see you tomorrow, but if you don't, I just want to say thank you for being in my life."

My New Companion

I shut the door. He started barking again. Then I'm like, okay, if I'm really going to treat this as if the unexpected guest is god, who I probably wouldn't leave god to sleep on the doorstep... I so hesitantly opened my door. He went straight into my apartment.

Now, it's a street dog in Mumbai. People fear street dogs. I'm not sure what's going to happen. It was an experiment. Then I even go to shut the door of my room to go to sleep, and he would bark again. I was like, "Okay, shh. What do you want?"

The only way he would sleep is if he was right next to my bed with my hand on his head. Then that next day is when all the airports closed. For seven months, the airports were closed, and I couldn't leave India. This dog was my companion. Actually, my companion in launching not only the book, but because of his presence, many people were watching the Facebook Live videos.

It’s About Making You Independent

The next day, we went to the clinic. I called an Uber, and he hopped on my lap in the Uber. I don't know what he's going to do. Hops on my lap. For 30 minutes, a 45-minute drive, sitting on my lap to the clinic. We get to the clinic. He goes straight to the door where Dr. Naram was, where he would see people.

Actually, first, I'll show you the picture of Milo. Here's this beautiful dog, Milo. Then this is the very second day. At the clinic of Dr. Naram, he goes in, sees the picture of Dr. Naram with the Dalai Lama, and sits down on the floor as if he belongs there.

The staff saw my video before the Facebook Live, before our video, and before they came in., Tears were in their eyes. I did another Facebook Live video. Then afterward, I shut the door, and I just meditated there. I remember the whole journey with Dr. Naram and that the most important thing about ancient secrets isn't about making you dependent on anyone. It's about making you independent.

A Birthday Celebration

Recently, someone gave this beautiful Hollywood star a copy of the book. She said what she loves about this is that it always points you back to yourself. It asks, what do you want? It teaches you all the principles of being independent.

I thought, "That's the whole reason Dr. Naram attracted me in the first place," he was so humble and so loving. This is another amazing miracle, today as we broadcast, is Dr. Naram's birthday, May 4th. You guys didn't know that, and I didn't know it either.

I believe his ancient secrets are that much closer to being in every heart and every home. Thank you for helping to make that part happen.

That is so incredible. I have to say, I never have a live candle on the table.

No, first time.

I did not know that it would be Dr. Naram's birthday.

Let's keep them lit for the entire month as we do the shows. I think I'd like that.

Love Will Teach You

My favorite quote from the book is, "I didn't come to teach you. I came to love you, and love will teach you." I just want to say that you embody everything that Dr. Naram was here to do for us. Thank you so much for everything that you've done.

Oh, it's so beautiful. When Milo showed up... Before publishing the book, I said, "People want to experience miracles or things that look like miracles." Dr. Naram would always say, "It's actually based on an ancient science, but to you, it looks like an ancient secret, a miracle."

I started something informally. I put it out on Facebook. I was like, "Who wants to do an experiment with me?" We called it the Miracle Experiment Game, in which you would just apply three principles from the book, and you see what miracles happen in your life.

I thought maybe 10, or 15 people would sign up, but we had over 300 people sign up from all over the world. The coolest miracles happened: financial miracles, health miracles, and relationship miracles.

So Many Miracles

One man reunited with his child after over 10 years... and such beautiful healing happened. A boy who hadn't talked to his mom in over six years... suddenly, the healing happened, and the reconnection happened. Forgiveness and so many beautiful things happened.

I thought, "Why don't we do this again?" We started another one called the Global Healing Miracle Experiment. That one included over 1,500 people. That is when someone on the call says, "We need to translate this book."

Suddenly, within two weeks, we had people translate it into over 30 languages. It was so humbling to see that. Dr. Naram may not be here in physical form, but, definitely, his spirit is moving things forward in a way that's well beyond anything I can think of. The gift that we have for people... Do you want me to talk about the gifts? I should've asked this.

There are so many remedies. If you have arthritis or high blood pressure, or you want more energy, or you want more peace, and a calmer mind, you want to boost your immunity. So many of those remedies are in there. It's like a bible of home remedies. We want to make sure you have those as a gift. We're going to create a way for you to have those.

My Ancient Secrets

Also, for those that want to play this game, this miracle experiment experience. You apply the principles, and those three ancient secrets, and see what miracles happen in your life.

I encourage everyone to go visit myancientsecrets.com. That is the overarching website for a lot of Clint's work.

I just want to say thank you, Lee and Monika. It just lights me up when I see you. It makes me so happy, but also your community. When I was on the program last time, people came from all over the world. I was just in India, and I saw two people from Denmark, two beautiful people. It's like, wherever I go now, I'm surrounded by a bubble of love.

People have helped with the final translations of the book in Spanish, finding out how they can help with German. I met people in Italy. Know I love you. I just want to say, this is one of the most beautiful, loving, and conscious communities that I've ever seen or been associated with.

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