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emotional tools for our time shamir ladhani

Shamir Ladhani, Special Guest

monika muranyi

Monika Muranyi, Co-Host

lee carroll

Lee Carroll, Host

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Join Lee and Monika, and Shamir to watch this fantastic 2.5-hour program of discussion, teaching, beautiful energy, and Kryon channelling. Get genuine solutions at a time when it is most needed.

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Emotional Tools for our Time

This is the single most wonderful experience I have ever had! I can’t even begin to tell you how much it meant to me and my personal journey. What beautiful souls... I am forever grateful to you all!

~Mette C., Norway

"For me, it was an exceptionally uplifting event: mentally, physically and spiritually...I released a lot with the cleansing and clearing, and achieved a new level of meditation which I now maintain and enjoy. A wonderful re-calibration has taken place."

~Mimi D., California

“The channeling in this Kryon event was wonderful! The information presented by all facilitators exceeded my expectations in terms of providing those 'ah ha’s' of wisdom and insight. I cannot think of any way to make it better. Thank you for all you do!”

~Janet Y., Pennsylvania

“Just amazing! Having remarkable moments at a Kryon event is not usual; however this online retreat was truly special for me. It was a unique blend of spiritual renewal and the deep joy of being with others who share a similar path. We are pretty much on our own out here so messages from 'home' really do assist us to keep on keeping on.”

~Pauline R, California

Experience Genuine Solutions

Monika and Lee, together with Shamir, invite you to watch this high quality 2.5 hour program of discussion, teaching, beautiful energy, and Kryon channelling at a time when it is most needed.

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