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Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. is a cell biologist and lecturer. Many call him the father of epigenetics. Bruce is a friend. His story is amazing. I've worked with him many times, and we've been in several countries together, actually, on stage. We did a TV show together. An hour where we walked through some of these most profound and hilarious stories, it was an astounding thing. That television show is available, and it's free. It has a lot of humor and deep things about how he discovered what he did.

Bruce is an internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirituality. Bruce was on the University of Wisconsin's school of medicine faculty and later performed groundbreaking stem cell research at Stanford University. He's the bestselling author of The Biology of Belief, The Honeymoon Effect, and Spontaneous Evolution, which was co-authored with Steven Bowman. In 2009, Bruce received the prestigious Goi peace award from Japan in honor of his scientific contribution to world harmony.

Physics and Cell Biology

Dr. Lipton began examining the principles of quantum physics and how they might be integrated into his understanding of the cells' informational processing systems. In other words, how do cells work? He has researched at Stanford University School of Medicine between 87 and 92. It revealed that the environment operated through a membrane controlling the cell's behavior and physiology, turning genes on and off. His discoveries, which ran counter to the established scientific view, that's true every counter, genes control that life gave rise to one of today's most important fields of study, the study and the science of epigenetics.

He published two major scientific publications from these studies, and now subsequent papers and other researchers have since very much validated these concepts and ideas. For those of you who are not science-minded, let me ask you this, what controls who you are and your chemistry?  Choice number one is that it's your genetics, your inheritance and you might get diseases because of your mom and dad. For example, if they had diabetes, potentially you are going to have diabetes. Choice number two is your environment, things that happened to you in your past, and what is happening now.

Linking Science and Spirituality

Bruce has absolutely proved that your environment is responsible for your biological set up and even how you think. With that information, is it possible that how you think can change your cellular structure and your health? The diseases you might have and your lifespan? I know that we have such a beautiful advanced community on healing Wednesday, and all of you will know that the answer to that question is a resounding yes, hence Bruce's book, The Biology of Belief.

He has taken his award-winning medical school lectures to the public. He's currently a sought-after keynote speaker and workshop presenter. He is one of the busiest guys I know. He lectures conventional and complementary medical professionals and people like us. He reveals leading-edge science and how it dovetails with the mind, body medicine, and spiritual principles.

Controlling Our Genetics

I'm so happy to be here with you. It's interesting because once I start to understand how our consciousness controls our biology, genetics, and all that, the immediate destination is to be with you. This is the message you've been downloading for people for years, and I appreciate it from a scientific point of view. It is science consciousness, energy fields, quantum physics, and belief issues.

These are the things that control our genetics, and I go, "Why is it relevant? Well, the conventional story is genes turn on and off by themselves, and you didn't pick them when you got here. You can't change them, and your life is now out of your hands and in those genes that, Willy nilly, turn on and off and give you cancer today or whatever."

When we've been teaching that, and the public has taken this in, we were left with today's situation where people feel they are victims of their lives. When it's not turning out the way they want it, it's really because of other people. I'm a victim of things, which means powerless, and I say, "So why is it relevant?" The answer is the idea of what is called genetic determinism. That's what the public was programmed for.

Epigenetics: The New Science

Even though that's not the leading edge of science, the public was programmed with genes controlling their lives' character, and I said, "I didn't pick them. I can't change them, and they go on and off by themselves." Then genes control me, and I don't control them. I'm a victim of my heredity. That's the old belief, but unfortunately, that's the belief that most of the world is still programmed to believe in.

The new science is not genetics; it's called epigenetics, and you would go, "Well, sounds like the same damn thing." I would go, "No epi means above." So let's say conventional belief is that genetics cause cancer. Genes cause cancer, that's the belief system, and I go, "No cancer is epigenetics." And you would think, "But it sounds like the same thing." Epi means above. We call skin Epidermis. Just below the layer of the skin is a layer called Dermis, and the skin is just above it, so it's called above the epidermis.

Now I say, "Cancer is under epigenetic control. What the heck does that mean?" Control, epi, above the genes." The control is not in the genes. The control is in how we respond to the world and what turns genes on and off. More than that, it can change the readout of the genes. You could be born with a mutant gene and have a normal life. You could be born with normal genes like most people are.

You Have the Power

However, because of life that's not in harmony and struggling through, stress is merely the cause of illness. Then it says I can take a healthy gene and create cancer, and suddenly, I go, "Wait a minute then, through my perceptions and my lifestyle are controlling my genes. Yeah, well, what's powerful is that you're the one that is doing this. You're the one that can change it."

I can change my perception. I can change my lifestyle. I go, "So what's the consequence of that? Well, then you're the one that controls your genes." You would go, "Huh, we move from, I'm a victim of my heredity to a master of my genetics." The problem is it's based on consciousness. If you have a consciousness that says you're a victim, unfortunately, that's what will manifest in your life.

I'm talking to a Kryon and Monika audience out here. You already know this stuff, but now there's a scientific principle for it. The nice idea is it's not a new age rule. I would go, "No, this is science. Your consciousness is controlling your genetics, and you can change your consciousness. Therefore change the character of your life."

We Are All Unique

Dr. Lipton began examining the principles of quantum physics and how they might be integrated into his understanding of the cells' informational processing systems. In other words, how do cells work?

That's what it comes down to, and then the bigger thing for me is I wasn't a spiritual person. I was a gene, proteins, biology cells, and all that kind of stuff like that; not spiritual. But as I started to understand the nature of how the cell mechanism controls its genes and how proteins on the cell surface are like little antennas. It is like an antenna of a television on the roof which brings signals.

The most important thing I learned is no two people are biologically the same. I go, "Yeah, you cannot take your cells or your organs out of your body and put them into another person's body because their immune system will say not-self and their immune system will eliminate them." So all of a sudden I said, "Wait, my immune system can tell if your cells are my cells, then who's cells are who." There's the identity.

Our Self Receptors

The immune system would say, "This is not our cell." The immune system might eliminate it at that point. I would go, "So why is it relevant?" Obviously, if my cell is put into your body and your immune system could say, not, then your immune system must be looking at something that determines who we are." Suddenly, I start to understand its nature, and on the surface of ourselves are these antennas.

They're called self receptors. In the conventional world of biology based on pharmaceuticals and Newtonian physics of a matter universe versus an energy universe, they used to say, "Oh, it's the receptors that make you different." That it's these proteins, these physical things. But then, when you understand the nature of how proteins work and how they respond to environmental signals, you start to realize the receptors are antennas.

How Self-Receptor Works

I have a set of antennas that receive an environmental signal different from what anybody else has. Each one of us has a unique set of these antennas. I would go, "So what's the relevance?" The antennas are receiving an environmental signal, and so where's yourself? It says proteins; that's what science says. The self is the signal picked up by these proteins. Then you might think that your identity is due to these receptors called self receptors. Then, yes, it is.

If you take the self receptors off the cell, the cell is generic. It's not you. It is called whatever cell, the liver, bone, or whatever. But when you put your receptors on the cell, it's your bone cell, your liver cell. This was my big wake-up call. Like lightning blew me away. My identity as I broadcast was picked up from the Field by a set of receptors that is unique to each person. No two people receive the same broadcast. That's real and it's more than that.

At that moment, I realized something. In the analogy, you're watching a show on television. The show is not on television. The antennas picked up the show and played through the television. So here's my analogy, when the television breaks, we say, television's dead. The question is, did the broadcast die when television died? No, and it's still there.

You can get another TV and plug it in and turn it on. When you tune it to the station, the show is back on again, reincarnation, my folks. Not being a spiritual person, it was like, "I can't, I'm not even in here. I'm the broadcast." When you come back again, different TV, does it make a difference if it's a male or female? Nope no, that's the TV. That's not who you are. Does it make a difference if it's white, black, brown, red, or yellow? No, that's the TV. That's not who you are.

Defining From Scientific to Spiritual

We are the broadcast. We are an energy Field, and the relevance of that is in physics. The term Field is defined as invisible moving forces that influence the physical world—the same definition for the Spirit. A guy who wasn't spiritual in one minute was like, "Oh, I'm spiritual" It changed my whole life.  The most important thing I got out of that moment is we cannot die.

We're not even here, and to close off this little rambling thing, as a scientist, I have to say, I am blown away. This one minute went from not spiritual Bruce to I got it we're all spiritual entities in the Field. Science Bruce asked himself a question, why have a body? Why not just be the Spirit? That's when I found out I had Jewish comedian cells. I say that is because, why have both a body and a Spirit? Why not just be a Spirit? The cells asked me a question in return, and I said, "Why have both? Bruce, if you're just a Spirit, what does chocolate taste like?"

Reading Through Consciousness

Now that's deep, you have to stop here for a minute. Let Lee and Monica say, "What the hell is that all about?" The body is a device to translate the environment into experiences, visual, auditory, smell, taste, touch, pain, and pressure. Love is a feeling of chemistry in the body. The body is an enhancement for our Spirit. The body can have these experiences, and this alters our Spirit.

We're a signal coming in on a broadcast picked up by our self receptors. And then we say, "Yeah, but my consciousness and thoughts are in my head. I can put wires on my head called electroencephalography, and I can read my consciousness." That leads to the belief that consciousness is stuck in here, that your thoughts are stuck in your head.

There's another device that reads consciousness. Not electroencephalograph; it's called Magnetoencephalography M.E.G. The probe in Magneto Cenograph doesn't touch your head. There's a probe out here. That's what reading consciousness is. Your consciousness is not contained in your head. You're broadcasting it back to the Field. I would go, "Oh, so I'm sending a signal in of self and receiving a signal from self." And all of a sudden, I would say, "What does that do?" It changes the energy Field of who I am.

Capability to Divert Consciousness

Karma is your life experiences that send back energy to your source. It could take it out of harmony and into disharmony, bad karma. However, you have an opportunity to come back and change your consciousness. That's where your power comes from. Kryon has been telling us that same message, and it's scientific. It's quantum physics, and cell biology, so that's why I love to be with Lee and Monica.

We're getting information from that Field, from that source, and it's the most powerful information because we are the Field. We are that source. When you listen to Lee, and when he gets into Kryon and hears the download, you're getting a direct message from the Field that allows you to wake up and recognize that your thoughts are manifesting in this world. Now, the problem is you might say, "Well, if I'm manifesting this world, my thoughts and how come there's some much crap going on?" I would answer, "Well, yes."

Two Types of Mind

The story of epigenetics is how an environment controls genes, but what reads the environment? The nervous system reads the environment. The mind controls the genes by interpreting the world. Therefore your consciousness is creating your life experience.

You would say, "Yeah, but I didn't. Did I create this crap?". Well, yes. What people don't recognize is that there are two minds. Kryon has talked about this forever. The conscious mind is directly connected to your spiritual Field. The subconscious mind is a database of programs.

The brain is a computer, and when you buy a brand new computer, you can bring it home, plug it in, turn it on, and it boots up. Now do something, write an essay, or do a drawing or something. You would go, "Oh, I can't do it." But if I say, "You got a brand new computer." You would say, "Not until I put programs into the computer can I use that computer."

Becoming Conscious After Seven Years

In Human existence, it turns out that the brain is in download in the first seven years of our life. Observing the family, how they live, the rules, and the behaviors necessary to be in a family. You are also observing the community. What are the rules and the behaviors necessary to be part of that? First seven years, you're downloading other people's behaviors: mother, father, community. These are the programs that get you off the ground. First seven years, your life is in those programs.

After age seven, you become conscious because the first seven years of data are just below consciousness. When you become conscious, then you can type on the keyboard. You have the opportunity to put the programs or change the programs or to work with yourself. People don't recognize this at all. They don't acknowledge that when we are thinking, the conscious mind is not typing. When you are thinking, you are inside with a thought. The conscious mind is not doing anything out here.

The Ability of the Subconscious Mind

They said, "Yeah, but what if I'm driving the car, and suddenly I have a thought, and I'm not paying attention because my conscious mind is. A thought is inside, and my conscious mind goes inside thinking. I'm driving a car. What the heck happened now?" Subconscious is on autopilot. It knows how to drive a car, and it's a habit. So guess what? The moment your conscious mind is thinking, your subconscious steps in and drives the vehicle according to the program.

Guess what? 95% of our life is not coming from our wishes and desires, conscious mind. 95% is coming from the subconscious program because that's how much time we spend thinking, redirecting the conscious mind instead of looking out. Thinking, conscious mind looking in. 5% of the day, you run your life with your wishes and desires conscious mind. Your life is coming from the program which you get from other people. They did not program you for your wishes and desires; you're copying their program. Most of it is negative.

Own Your Self Program

We struggle through life's thinking. I wake up in the morning "Today, conscious mind wishes and desires. Today, I found that one I'm going to be in love with. Today I'm going to get the best job. Today, I'm going to get healthy. Conscious wishes and desires". The problem is that only 5% percent of the day you create from that. 95% you're creating from the program that you got from other people.

The Jesuits have told people for 400 years. The Jesuits have said, "Give me a child until it is seven, and I will show you the man." What's science? First, seven years is programming. Then what about the rest? I say 95% of the rest is the program. What if I control your program in the first seven years? As a Jesuit said, "I'll show you the rest of your life because you will come from that."

This is why the work and messages downloaded from Kryon and my dear friend Lee are offered. They give you these messages, and this is not new age anything. This is absolute hardcore quantum physics, cell biology, and its science. You are very powerful, except for your programming.

Manifesting Your Program

Here we are with science that validates what we think we can become and what we think we can manifest. That is not just in our personal lives; it's on our bodies and how old we're going to be. All the things that we talk about, and now there's a science to go with it. You were being programmed from the last trimester of pregnancy. That was three months. Then you were programmed from zero to one; that's a year.

You were programmed from one to two, that's two years. You were programmed from two to three, that's three years. You have three years of programming that you have no conscious awareness of. By the time you're three or so, you will have memories of some things. The biggest issue is that we don't have a memory of the program. Our conscious mind wasn't working at that time until after age seven.

The programs are creating your life. Here's the fun part. 95% of your life comes from subconscious programs. Your life is a printout of your programs. Look at it this way, the things you like, you love, and what you want that come into your life. They come into your life because you have a program to accept them. This is the big one, the things you wish for or desire you want to have, but you have to work hard and struggle, sweat over it.

I'm making a lot of effort. I'm going to make this happen. I'm working on it, and I'm going to make it. You are working so hard because whatever that destination is, your struggle is not because you can't have it. Your struggle is because your program doesn't support it. Wherever you're struggling, that's where a subconscious program has thrown a monkey wrench into your ability to manifest.

Moving Out From Thinking

The movie, The Matrix is not a science fiction movie; it is a documentary. Every one of us has been programmed. That is a fact of life. That's the basis of the movie. Here comes the cool part. In the movie, you were given a choice of two pills, a red pill, and a blue pill. If you take the blue pill, you wake up and back into the world just like you've always seen it. But if you take the red pill, you get out of the program.

Maybe more than once, almost every one of you took the red pill at some time in your life. It was the most profound thing that ever happened to your life. What was that? When you fell in love. It could be in love with another person, gardening, painting, cooking food, whatever.

When you're in love, you stop thinking. Remember, your conscious mind is the wishes and desires, but it doesn't work when you are thinking because then it's going inside for thought. When you fall in love, you stop thinking because now you stay present, you remain in the moment. You're looking for a relationship, and this person shows up.

It's like, "Is this a time to think?" No, because thinking takes you out of reality. You stop thinking. Your life is blah every day, then you meet this special person, and 24 hours later, life is so beautiful. I'm so in love and healthy, I glow, I'm happy. I love my life. The world is great. Well, up to yesterday, it was blah, and now 24 hours later, you're manifesting heaven on Earth. What is the difference? When you fell in love, you stopped thinking.

The Effect of Staying In-love

When you stop thinking, your life is now controlled, not 5% of the day. But, 90 plus percent of the day, your life is controlled by what? Wishes and desires. The conscious mind is not playing the programs with negative beliefs in them. Just stopping in 24 hours, you can go from blah to heaven on Earth. Heaven on Earth is there every day. It's only your program that takes you away from that.

If you change that program, you can automatically change your life. That's what people do all the time. I am a living example of being in love every day. Every day I wake up, the first thing is, "Oh my God, I'm still alive." Number two, "Oh my God. I'm in love". From that, that's the rest of my beautiful honeymoon world, every day. A honeymoon can last as long as you want it to, as long as you don't fall back into the program of negativity.

Learning More About Bruce’s Studies

They will find all scientific articles, audios, videos, and downloadable things for free on every topic we talk about, from how the cell works to how the honeymoon works via The evolution that we are experiencing is so fundamental because people see the chaos without recognizing that this is one of the most important stages of Human civilization. We are in at this very minute.

Mass Extinction

Humans, and their behavior, have precipitated what is called a mass extinction. Five times in the planet's history, life was thriving, and some events wiped out up to 90% of life. It had to start all over again. Sixty-six million years ago, the last mass extinction was when the dinosaurs were here. A comet hit near Mexico, a big one, upended life's web. Guess what? 75% of life disappeared, including all the dinosaurs. Then we started all over again.

Here we are today with a thriving planet, but it is now facing this mass extinction, the number six. It's due to Human behavior. We have to learn that life is not a war and competition with each other and the survival of the fittest and a struggle. That's not life. Life is harmony, cooperation, and love.

A garden is not a battleground. A garden is a place of heightened relativity. We came from a garden and looked at what we were doing to it. We've undermined the web of life. Our own survival as a species is in question because we are in a mass extinction right now. Losing species a thousand times faster than normal because of what we've done.

Rise Up Your Consciousness

It's a wake-up call. Start listening to somebody like Kryon. We've been talking about this for years. But people are like, "Oh, that's nice." I would say, "No, it's not nice, it's science. It is the mechanism of the universe. You're getting it direct".

Now the question is this. Yes, the conscious and creative mind has taken in Lee's words and goes. However, you're not living from your conscious mind. You're living from your subconscious mind, and the subconscious mind doesn't learn that way. So your conscious mind could be brilliant, and your life looks like garbage. You're not living from your conscious mind until something like the honeymoon effect. Suddenly, you say, "Oh my God, the world changed. 24 hours since the moment I fell in love, I went from blah to I'm in heaven".

Wake up; that was not an accident. That creation got you out of the program. Kryon has been telling us the same story for years. It's like, your conscious mind has got that message Kryon has been telling. You think that you knew the answer if you were asked about what Kryon said. But did your life change?

Get Through Life, Flourish the Future

Your conscious mind got the answers, but it's only working 5% of the day. So guess what? There's a problem manifesting what Kryon is talking about until you understand that you have to change the subconscious programming. Then you could live the Kryon life. I learned a lot because my science opened the door to say, "Oh, what Lee is saying is science, so listen to what he's saying ."That's good.

But as importantly, I want to thank the audience because you are the cultural creatives seeking another way of life on this planet. It's you that is going to make evolution. Evolution is active participation. We're not going to sit home and wait. Then one day, walk out the door and go, "Whoa, evolution, how beautiful."

We have to create it. That's why the messages that we get from you are, "Let's not just survive. Let's thrive into the future". That's my recommendation, that's my scientific insight, and these are the words that you both have been helping us understand.

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