About the Kryon Work

Thank you for your interest in the Kryon work. These transcribed channellings are FREE for you to read and print out. Please note that Lee does not transcribe all the channellings he records.

Yes, if English is not your first language, you'll be happy to know that Kryon Channellings have been translated and are available in Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew, Italian, German, Polish, Hungarian, French, Greek, and Russian. Select the flag to be directed to your desired language. Authorized Kryon websites are also available in many other countries. 

Yes, there are two Kryon Mobile Apps available in the App Store for Apple and Android devices. Monika Muranyi created the "Affirmations for Your Soul" app in collaboration with Lee and Kryon. The "Akashic Power" app was designed for assisting in your connection with your Akashic Records. It's about tapping into your past lives and accessing hidden talents and wisdom.

The Lightworkers Handbook is a series of channellings that have been put together for the very purpose of helping you get started without getting overwhelmed by all of the Kryon information that is available. Like the rest, they are free and available for you to read whenever you desire.

Links to all available free episodes of Streaming with Lee and other shows like Beginnings TV are available for viewing here.

Yes, indeed. You can find a wonderful glossary that Monika has carefully compiled on her website.

Lee has taken great care to organize the Kryon work and you can choose to listen to Kryon channellings by year which are available for FREE for you.

Thank you for your interest in the Kryon Books written by Lee and Monika in collaboration with Kryon. There are currently 17 books translated into more than 25 languages worldwide. You can read more about and order them here.

Lee has co-authored three Indigo Children books with Jan Tober, published by Hay House. This website will provide you with a summary of the attributes of the Indigo Child and options to learn even more.

Kryon is a loving angelic entity that brings a consistent message of love and hope for humanity. Lee Carroll is the original channel for Kryon since 1989, having just celebrated 31 years of delivering these messages worldwide.

About Kryon Events & Replays

You can watch or order available replays of our past streamed events right here

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Thank you for your interest in the Kryon Books written by Lee and Monika in collaboration with Kryon. There are currently 17 books translated into more than 25 languages worldwide. You can read more about and order them here.

Yes. We translate most online events into Spanish after the English version is aired (usually within a week or two). On some events, we will also translate into the following languages: Italian, German, Portuguese, and French (available to you from an approved third party).

About The Circle of Twelve Healing Wednesday

Free Wednesday streams on the FIRST Wednesday of every month at 6 PM Pacific Time in English and 8 PM Pacific in Spanish.

You can become a Healing Wednesday monthly member here, which also includes access to a personized membership portal and some bonuses.

No, Healing Wednesday is an ongoing monthly membership program and episodes or months cannot be purchased individually.

On June 27-28, 2020, in Raleigh, North Carolina, Kryon gave everyone (including Lee) some new information during the four channelings. In the final channel, Kryon talked specifically about the new Healing Circle of Twelve that was coming soon. You can listen to those channelings HERE as MP3 audio files.

Replays of all past episodes for Healing Wednesday members are posted in your membership portal. You can login here.  For non-members, Free Wednesday Archives can be found here.

Replays of past FREE Wednesday episodes are available on our website archive as well as on our YouTube channel.

Membership to Healing Wednesday is $33 a month which includes 4 episodes per month and a personalized member portal for your replays.

We're so happy to hear how much you like the music we play during Healing Wednesday. The feedback has been amazing, and many have asked where they can obtain this music. It is licensed from the composer solely for our use, and is not available to the public. The good news, however, is that if you are a member of the Circle of Twelve there is a place for you to hear and meditate with this great music, anytime you wish.

Members receive 3 additional episodes every month, featuring a Keynote healer each Wednesday plus access to an ever-increasing replay list, to listen to as often as you wish. Members also get access to BONUS videos and a private Facebook group to connect with your Kryon Soul Family.

Have a question that wasn't answered here? Reach out to us via email anytime. We're happy to assist you! Email us at info@kryonmasters.com or espanol@kryonmasters.com (for our Spanish speakers). We're happy to assist you however we can.

Have more questions? Contact us via email.  PLUS, you can always visit the Q&A Archives at Kryon.com for even more answers from Kryon which have been alphabetized and indexed by topic for your convenience.

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