First Wednesday of March | Dr. Eric Pearl-Jillian Fleer

Dr. Eric Pearl’s Introduction 

We've had these two guests on our program before, individually, but together they're here as a couple, the beautiful couple of Jillian and Eric.

Well, I'm no stranger to our guest at all, both Monica and I have presented with them overseas. I was there at the beginning of Dr. Eric Pearl's work way before either Jillian or Monica appeared on the scene It all started with a phone call I got from Dr. Pearl where he told me he was having patient channellings in his office, so he called me… a channeler to get my perspective. 

Wind forward to today and we have a renowned international healer, very well-known and respected all over the planet. He's the original creator, Dr. Pearl of The Reconnection: Body of Work. He's also an internationally acclaimed bestselling author of The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, published now in 40 languages, and he still remains a good friend of mine.

Jillian’s Introduction 

 Jillian is the head of Insight and Development for The Reconnection, and she's a significant partner in this profound body of work and of course, in Eric's life as well. Together, they're producing powerful workshops, seminars, and training programs. It's taken them to over 100 countries as the reconnective healing experience is revolutionizing the lives of millions of people around the globe. And this is not the first time they've been on the program before. I've said that earlier, but it's the first time we are having them present together with us. 

We wanted them both here today because something wonderful has happened. They've got a new book that they've written together. It's called The Direct Path to Healing. Don't you love that title? And the direct path to healing presents a trinity of energy, light and information, so whether you're searching for physical healing, mental healing, emotional or spiritual healing for yourself or someone you know, this is the book you're going to want.

The Direct Path to Healing (Name of their book)

It's the kind of book that will allow your most intimate and comprehensive healing experiences to unfold. It's an unusual book, I'll tell you right now, supported with straightforward science. Are you ready? Simple Quantum Physics… There is an enjoyable, easy-to-follow exercise at the end of each chapter. The book can become the ultimate catalyst for subtle and epic changes in your life and the lives of others. All without time-consuming practices or complex techniques. You'll be astounded by again, its sheer simplicity. Eric and Jillian, welcome back to the program.

We know that there are probably so many things we would love to ask about this, but I'm going to turn you loose, and just first of all, you can tell us about the book, but why is it unusual? How can it have simple Quantum Physics and all the things that we've talked about?

Simple Quantum Physics 

Well, my brain will not allow me to do complex Quantum Physics. It will to a point, usually to the point of realizing that there's no reason for all the complexity. Really the biggest challenge, the most complex challenge about the reconnective healing experience is its simplicity. Our personalities, our egos, and willingness to not need to make everything complicated into an ordeal, but to really just recognize what is as what is.

So I would add by saying that the simplicity of Quantum Physics, Lee, is really in the way that we approached the writing of the seven chapters in the book. It's a small book filled with a very new conversation for us, which as you can tell by the title, The Direct Path to Healing: A Trinity of Energy Light Information, we are really looking at what has always been behind or in the background, irreducibly around the reconnective healing experience, which is healing itself. 

Their Work and Gift

The beauty of your work, Eric, is that you have a gift that Lee and I have both witnessed and  yet this gift is something that all of us have the innate ability to do it. I think that is what reconnective healing work is. There's a community now of healers that understand we have this innate ability, and so I'm excited that this book has easy and practical things to do for yourself. 

Can you please take us through some of those things?

What Can You Do?

What you're saying is really important because today people are ready!  People are ready to let go of thinking that the healing needs to be ignited in them by touching some special person, but to recognize when we allow ourselves to see- and seeing doesn't mean necessarily seeing the external outside of us. People will recognize that we don't have to see someone else facilitate healing, but rather we can just see within us this innate ability to heal ourselves, then we realize there never was “a somebody” else to begin with. We realize that what one person can facilitate, we can all facilitate, and as we move through The Direct Path to Healing, as we move through that book, to the degree we're willing to allow ourselves to see, you will recognize that you are able to facilitate any level of healing that Jillian and our eye can or any human being can, anywhere on the planet, past, present, or future because there really is no past, present or future anyway.

How The Book Guides You

There are exercises, some of the things that we do at the end of each chapter. So as we move through each chapter you begin to understand concepts of understanding healing, and through the end, we will take you places in the exercises to allow you to implement them. There are even places to fill in question and answer at the end of each book just to say, "Hey, what am I getting from this? Where was I when I started? Where am I now?" So you can really witness and follow your own transitioning, let's call it, along the way. It's really not as we think of transitioning or transformation. Ultimately what it is, it's a revealing of yourself to yourself.

The Importance of Their Book

We start to discover that this book and notebook is not going to allow you to “suddenly become enlightened”. The reality is that nothing can allow you to suddenly become enlightened  because we are already enlightened. It's just like how the sky is always blue even when we think that it's gray because all we see are the gray clouds, but when the gray clouds pass we notice, "Oh, there's that blue sky that's always been there." And as we allow ourselves to reveal ourselves to ourselves, we suddenly discover that the enlightenment we've been looking for, we've been all along. And as soon as we stop asking, when we'll become enlightened is when we'll recognize that we are that. And even this discussion here, even this little bit of sharing is the doorway, the portal to, that allows for the healing and therefore it actually is the healing itself.

"You are the healing you've been looking for."


When Jillian and I do distance reconnect healing sessions, it's not an attempt to stimulate the intellect, it's not through thinking about how to do it or what to do. Really, everything falls away during the reconnective healing experience, and you become aware of the infinite essence that we are. We feel as if we're going through finite experiences and we are. We're having a finite life experience of the infinite being that we are, but the reconnective healing experience actually stimulates the heart, the soul, and the spirit, and here appears our healing. Meaning, it shows itself as always having been present. And in reading The Direct Path to Healing, it starts to unveil itself to you, which is ultimately the same as saying, you further unveil yourself to yourself.

Guided Conversations and Meditations 

In the seven chapters, we have a lot of guided conversations and or meditations. The most important piece that we'd like anyone reading this book to come away with is, what is the truth of your experience?

Some of the chapters explore something called the gift of mindful mindlessness. That in and of itself might ring a little controversial for some. Yes, there are some controversial ways that we might be exploring these, and it forces us maybe just a bit to come a little closer to that illusion of separation between the body, mind, and our infinite true nature.

How To Get The Most Out of The Book

Peeling the layers of the onion is how Kryon describes it. So I love that we have a how-to book that guides you through the peeling the layers of the onion process. So I would imagine that the book is set for both someone who has never done any kind of reconnective work, to ones who have done it for years, or even those who are healers. I would also imagine that reading the book for the first time, you undergo changes, and then probably when you come back, because we are peeling layers of the onion, there's some new insights that get discovered on rereading it. Have you found that to be the case?

Absolutely. It is the case. And what's really interesting is, whether you've ever or never considered yourself to be a healer, whether it's reconnective healing or any healing at all, you start to discover quite clearly that is what we've always been. We start to discover that a lot of the approaches we've taken, we can sort of release, that the ultimate design of technique has been to show us to shine a light so we can see, but the ultimate design of technique itself is to self-dissolve.

Revealing Ourselves 

And when we allow it to self-dissolve, the more we reveal ourselves. If we let go of everything, and let go of that one special thing we should do, and that one special thing we should use, and that one special way we should be, if we give away even more than we think that we should, then all we've ultimately done is allowed ourself to be present as the infinite being that we are.

And that is really what facilitates the healing. It's never the doing-ness or the steps or the objects, it's our presence. And so the doing-ness and the steps, and the objects and such, point us in a direction, but as long as we're in the doing, we're not in the being, we haven't let ourselves stand in the being-ness presence that we are. So that becomes the key. It leads us too, but then we have to let go to allow ourselves, again, I keep saying, to see and recognize who we've always been. We can't become it because we are it, but we can allow ourselves to be it because we are it.

Quantum Physics and Consciousness 

And that's a little bit a part of the quantum physics that we get to explore in the book. And thank goodness with the emergence of people like Donald Hoffman, who we are a great fan of, and also Tom Campbell, these are wonderful physicists illuminating a consciousness-only model that I think assists us a little bit in beginning to desire to explore that we are more than we think we are, and myself is not really a completely accurate description of how we understand ourselves.

And furthermore, this idea of light, I find it so curious. Someone said to me, "Jillian, we don't really see light. Light is by which we see other things." And she went on to say, "Light is a means of illumination." So the very physics of light, makes other things visible. And really what I love so much about the book, and really my curiosity to explore the energy lighting information is that she said, "I feel this freedom to bring the awareness, just the pure awareness of the light that I am, and the beauty into my life, but also to reveal the unsavory things, the things that are challenging and difficult that may not be in alignment with my happiness or my truth.”

Our Emerging Planet 

I think it's such alignment with all the things emerging on the planet now. We are seeing so many have light language and all these other components that are also part of the healing.

Then we also discussed the fact that, and Kryon is just starting to reveal this now, he says there's a new energy on the planet that has to do with that which is the influence of light, and with what he calls life energy. In other words, we are better equipped right now to understand these kinds of things that you are presenting than ever before. Uncovering that which we were programmed with, starting to see that which are our biases, which you never even saw as biases. Reasoning, looking at ourselves and saying, were we actually programmed to fail? And there's a lot of that in this culture.Only in retrospect can we see that now is the time. It wasn't then, but the world really is ready now. We're ready to stand in the essence of who we are more embracingly.

The Human Experience 

And I think also, to lead to what you said, to come to appreciate the limitations that potentially are part of just a human experience. To say there is more to this appearance of body mind than just what we might call the day-to-day trials and tribulations, joys. There's more. There is more that's resting in the background, that we have become quite so lost in the preoccupation of something maybe smaller than we've been told. Maybe that's the best way to say it.

We see eight billion people walking around the planet, have realized that, well, there are eight billion spirits or souls, but there's only one being-ness. So one of the first things that we begin to learn and discover is that you can't send a healing, because if I were to send a healing, that would mean I'm here and you're there. And that just reinforces the illusion of time, distance, space. But when I allow myself to receive, if we are all one, then we are a receivership.


For everyone watching this interview right now, if you want to just have a fun little 30-second experience, stand up wherever you are for one second, just stand, stand, stand. Got it? Good. Now take one step toward yourself. Now while you're sitting around looking for what direction to step in, you might as well give it up now and sit back down, because any direction your step in is away. You are already you- So I can't send anything to myself unless I go to the post office, which means I can't send you healing. All I can do is receive. And my receiving is you're receiving, and the people that you love, it's their receiving, and the people that you like, it's their receiving, and the people you don't like at all, they're receiving too. Because we are all that one essence.

And as we move through the direct path to healing, this becomes clear, not on even a cerebral level, but it becomes a recognition that, once seen, is with us forever. And each experience reveals a glimpse of the infinite being that we are. And each glimpse, even though the glimpse is finite, it's a finite, glimpse of our infinite being, each glimpse brings about a series of ongoing glimpses. And we suddenly see that we are existing and experiencing and moving through life entirely differently. And again, we don't know how or why, it ultimately does it matter.

Book Results 

What results have you seen so far with this new book?

It is so beautiful how that word comes up “results”. Let me say that so much about the reconnective healing experience is that we release that understanding of a result-oriented healing approach. And in some ways what we are seeing, if we look at a different way of how we might express results, we might use the idea of being opened in a way. Being opened allows not only the least resistant, we'll say, changes for the body mind, to begin to reformulate its experience. That's an integral part of the instantaneous healing that for decades people have experienced, witnessed, and been gifted in the reconnective healing approach.

Something much more reliable begins to happen around the relationship I have to healing when you adopt this mindset. There is an awareness that I am whole, that I am truth and love and beauty, and that the relationship to any circumstances in my life, may they be physical, emotional, or mental, no longer have the capacity to truly take me out of or away from the truth of my experience, from my being.

Where You Can Purchase The Book

I want to tell people where they can go to get this information. You can buy this at I'm also aware of the work that Jillian and Eric are doing, there are workshops, live workshops, all over the globe, and in-person happening. There are also online courses happening as well. But certainly, the book is a wonderful place to begin that journey.

I love that you are reducing the filters that we have that stop us from seeing the magnificence of who we are, which is what Kryon talks about. So we have just under a minute before we have to go to break, Are there any final words that you want to share with the beautiful community watching us?

Final Words

We could say, “You are the healing that you are looking for”. 

Yes, I think that's a beautiful way to express the truth. And I might also say that it is in the knowingness of that peace and love, where ultimately we are healed. We are healed there, regardless of whether there is a tiny change in our circumstances or a complete change in our circumstances. We're no longer dependent upon circumstances to really find happiness.

Beautiful, you are the healing you've been looking for. Thank you, Eric. Thank you, Jillian.

Thank you. Thank you so much for having us. We love you guys.

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