John Burgos

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John Burgos

Social Entrepreneur, Thought Leader in Personal Evolution

From a young age, John Burgos was moved by profound, mystical experiences that let him communicate with different realms. At 40, he experienced a profound transformation and began seeing energy around people, animals, and nature. Soon after, during John’s meditations and dream state, he started receiving messages and ancient teachings from guides he hadn’t known existed.

Now, John is a well-known leader in the human potential field. He thrives as a teacher and speaker when collaborating with provocative spiritual leaders and bringing light to the shared power of the awakened collective consciousness.

Passionate about cultivating strong communities based on personal service and contribution, John created Beyond The Ordinary Show, which hosts topics rarely seen in mass media. It quickly became an interactive community for those seeking ancient wisdom, the next generation of mystical teachings, spiritual awakening, and soulful guidance with pragmatic, coherent delivery.

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