Jamye Price

Jamie Price

Jamye Price

Energy Healer, Channel, Teacher

Jamye Price didn’t always understand her soul journey on earth. She felt called to something but was frozen on the path. She began working with her Guides, and although her spiritual awakening journey was initially overwhelming, she felt courage and passion and knew she could no longer hold back her Light.

Jamye has now spent 10-plus years teaching the path of empowerment as humanity moves through the natural process of Ascension – an ever-increasing conscious connection with the subtle realm. Her calling is to guide people to the awareness of what they truly are: cherished, powerful, and brilliant.

Her profound healing modality, Crystalline Soul Healing, is a powerful alchemical template of Soul Progression that heals, empowers, and bridges the inherent wisdom of the human and higher self. Jamye also channels healing energies through Light Language, which are transformational Creation Codes that further align you with your soul.

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