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Gary Liljegren Marshmallow Messages

Meet Gary Liljegren

I'd like to introduce you to a good friend of mine, whom I’ve known now for decades. His name is Gary Liljegren, the man behind our Marshmallow Messages.  You’ll get to meet him here in a moment (on the video below).

If you’ve been to an in-person Kryon Reunion Weekend, you may even recognize him from his Akash CBD table at many of our events. Gary is a huge fan of Kryon’s teachings and holds the record for the number of times hosting Kryon in cities across the US.

Can you guess how many times he’s been a host? Watch the video now for the answer.

Founder of Marshmallow Messages

Gary is the man behind our weekly email series, affectionately known as Marshmallow Messages. He’s been selecting them with synchronicity for 23 years and counting. I thought it’d be great for Gary to share his story with you personally as people often ask why these messages are referred to as Marshmallow Messages.

The inspiration for the name is because to him, Kryon’s messages feel sweet and ooey gooey!

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I would love you to help me express great gratitude for the man behind the Marshmallow Messages, Gary Liljegren. Go to our Facebook page and express your gratitude. Better yet, leave a comment on what the Marshmallow Messages have meant to you!

So grateful to Gary,

If you've enjoy this inside story with a beloved member of the Kryon Team, check out other videos on our blog.

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