Hawaii, Lemuria Event – Video #3

Hi, Everyone,

We wanted to bring you just a little interim message here in this wonderful memorial retreat that we're doing on Kauai. 

The Lemurian Teaching Wheel

Although we have done these for years. This entire series is brand new to us because of something that happened in 2017 on the big island right here in Hawaii.

You might have heard this before, so excuse me for those of you who follow us regularly. But something was revealed that was so special to us, called the Lemurian Teaching Wheel. That whole conference on the big island became an explosion of knowledge on core spiritual truth. There was so much to teach. There was so much there and it all centered on Hawaii, which then Kryon said was Lemuria. And he started giving all the facts, the chapter, and verse if you want to, of what happened here, how the teaching was done.

It took several years of getting all the information correctly, but now we have released this course. And now we have incorporated pieces and parts of that course into these retreats.

A New Island Each Year

Now, this is on the island of Kauai you're seeing this. Next year it's going to be on another island, next year on another island, and we'll repeat it. But in these retreats, you're going to hear the teaching from the teaching wheel. It's a perfect place for it.

So that's what you're seeing on some of these videos when you see Monica and me together, perhaps at a table. And what we're doing is actually reviewing the actual lessons of the Lemurian Teaching Wheel, which is a year-long course. It's very thorough with much beautiful, loving core information to talk about.

So that may explain a bit about what you're seeing as you see these videos and some vignettes you're seeing of Monica and me teaching. So thank you for understanding and listening to this. And now I'd like to turn this over to Monica.

You Are Included in this Lemurian Retreat

Thank you, Lee. Aloha and love to all. If you have been wanting to come with us on this Lemurian retreat in Kauai and could not make it, well, we want to bring the energy of Lemuria to you because you certainly are included.

The Eternal Pool

Kryon always tells us that the energy of our soul is everywhere all at once. And that's the invitation right now. Imagine, visualize yourself with us here right now, at this moment. You are included. You are part of this Lemurian adventure, so I invite you to put yourself in that eternal pool with us.

The eternal pool is something that was given to Lee in the channelings and teachings of the Lemurian Teaching Wheel. It represents the place of birth where you came in. In a beautiful circle of women, the Shah women of Lemuria sang you into existence.

And in that same eternal pool, people gathered as they were nearing the end of life on earth. Each person went back to that same eternal pool, this time surrounded by all of their family and loved ones, and they sang you out the way you came in. They understood the ritual of this eternal pool and how it represents the cycles of your eternal nature.

At the Feet of the Star Mothers

So the invitation is to put yourself here in Lemuria with us sitting at the feet of the star mothers who came to teach you core truths. And the core truth is that you are eternal. You are part of the creator, and you never have to worship it. The creator who knows your name knows you personally and loves you beyond measure.

You are invited to hear about the stories of the Star Mothers that tell you that joy is sacred. And so we remind you now, wherever you are, joy is sacred and God laughs when you do. And if you can embrace that inner child, it will create a longer life. It will create changes in the cellular structure of your body to enhance longevity.

Love is Always Here for You

And so we invite you just at this moment to feel, sense, and imagine being on Kauai with us, allowing the love that is here to infuse into every cell of your body. It does it in a quantum way. So the only thing that's required is your permission and your allowance to receive the love that is always here for you.

Feel the wind that is constantly blowing reach you wherever you are right now and let it wrap around you and infuse every cell of your body. Take a deep breath. Feel the winds of Lemuria flowing into your lungs. And as you exhale, know that you are so known and loved by Gaia, the planet who is your partner as well. Love and blessings to all of us.

Love and Blessings,

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  1. Thank you so much , my deepest gratitude -ooh yes I am crying ,.. so much love going out to all of us , blessings to all of us
    love from me as well

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