Hawaii, Lemuria Event – Video #5

Thank you for joining us on Video Five. 

This is the Napali Coast. We do this every time we come to Kauai. It's such a beautiful coastline. There we were meeting at the offices, getting our brief with the boat captains, and we then proceed to Port Allen down here, where we'll get on the boats.

Here we are getting on two boats at once, and the Kryon channel. Kryon.com/freeaudio is where you'll find this channel. We head out, just a little rougher than normal. Isn't that a beautiful boat? It's a catamaran. This is a one of the two we are on. Everyone had such a great time in the ocean.

A Windy Time on the Ocean

Bit windy, as you'll see. There's Michael, our photographer from Germany. Hi Michael. It took an hour and a half to get there. This is a condensed version, but we are here and this is just the most beautiful coast. See, it was wet. Wet and windy. Now there's Monica. She doesn't care. She's getting wet. Everybody else is getting wet too, but you can see how wet it is. Then Monica, of course, she says, "Oh my gosh, look at the wind. Oh, no. Oh no." And of course the wind was rough, blowing a lot. But, oh, what? Look how beautiful this is.

It's very worth it to be here and to brave the wind and the waves and all of that. I think again, one of the most beautiful coasts in Hawaii and perhaps almost anywhere. And we told you we took a helicopter ride in the last video and we did it. It's not for the faint at heart if you don't like flying close to the rocks and things, but here we are flying actually through this area that we saw from the boat. So you can see if there was a boat down there, we were in it. You can see us.

The Napali Coast by Air

Just an absolutely beautiful coast. Here we are again, in the air. We photograph that which we saw from the boats. You just got to do this. When you come to Kauai, you should always take either a helicopter or the cruise boats in order to see this correctly. I would love to say that was our boat. It isn't because we are not on it and we're in the helicopter, but it's just almost like our boat.

Ah, this is Mount Waialeale in new... Almost the wettest spot on earth. Almost. Look at these waterfalls. We were so privileged to actually get down below the clouds. These are areas you don't normally see. Water, water, everywhere. Everywhere you look, there was a waterfall. Just gorgeous.

Rainbows and Sunsets

Well, this is the end of the day and we are looking at this for one of the last times before we head back. Just a great time. We're just now getting that rainbow that Hawaii always gives us. See it over the left there? We stop for the sunset, and of course we always get a really nice sunset. Thank you so much for joining us on these tiny little videos and this wonderful Kauai cruise. We're going to do it next year on the big island, but until then, this is the time to say goodnight, goodbye, and thanks for watching these short videos.


1 thought on “Hawaii, Lemuria Event – Video #5”

  1. Oh this is so BEAUTIFUL❣️❣️❣️
    Thank you ever so much dear Monika and Lee for taking these videos and offering them to us who couldn’t be there with you❣️❣️
    I would have loved so much to come to Hawaii with you but from Germany it was just too far and too expensive. But as Monika said, and she is so right, in a quantum way, we can be there with you…
    It was a great joy and a special treat to be able to watch these beautiful videos and I watched them all in a row, I did not want to stop… 😉

    Thank you for your beautiful work, it is uplifting every time I hear from you and Kryon❣️
    Lots of love, Gabriele from Hamburg, Germany 💖💖💖

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