Dr. Sue Morter

dr. sue morter healing wednesday kryon circle of twelve

Dr. Sue Morter

Master of Bio-Energetic Theory and Quantum Field Visionary

You may know Dr. Sue Morter as the host of Gaia TV’s "Healing Matrix" or from her bestselling book, "The Energy Codes." In it, she provides techniques to activate untapped energy and neurocircuitry in the body, empower hidden potential, and become one’s true, essential self. Dr. Sue Morter utilizes high frequency energy patterns to activate your full human potential. She illuminates the relationship of Quantum science and energy medicine to elevate human consciousness into life mastery.

In addition to founding Morter HealthCenter in 1987, Dr. Sue Morter is the founder and visionary of the Morter Institute for Bio-Energetics. This is an organization committed to teaching self-healing techniques with an inner wisdom-based approach to life. It is based on Quantum Science and Higher consciousness. Through three distinct schools, she provides tools and avenues to empower the global community to discover and embody a joyful, inspired life. Dr. Sue Morter was our featured guest on Healing Wednesday in March 2021. WATCH FOR FREE.

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