all about lemuria

Lemurian Akash

Lemurian Akash

Many of Kryon’s Soul Family, feel a deep connection with Lemuria. Is it possible that you were in Lemuria? If you were, what does that mean for you today? All over the Planet, Old Souls are awakening to their Lemurian Akash.

Pleiadian and Lemurian Ancient Discoveries

Lemuria is where the Pleiadian Star Mothers remained in corporeal bodies for thousands of years. They focused on teaching humanity the core spiritual truths. These deep truths were imbued into the Lemurian Akash to become rekindled should humanity pass a marker.  2012 was the marker, and we have definitely moved into a new cycle on Earth.

Lee Carroll, Monika Muranyi and Dr. Amber Wolf share the information they've discovered about the legendary lost continent of Lemuria. Watch for FREE and find out more about Lemuria and our grand history that's starting to re-emerge.

All About Lemuria

In this program, you’ll learn the fascinating details about Lemuria. The story is told by my partner, author and Kryon archivist, Monika (Ali’hana) Muranyi, and Lemurian Priestess, Dr. Amber (Mele’ha) Wolf. Be sure that you don't miss the Kryon channel at the end of the program! Awaken the memory of your Lemurian Akash.

The Women of Lemuria Revealed

Monika's most recent book "The Women of Lemuria" is filled with Kryon channeled information never formerly revealed about Lemuria. With a section by Dr. Amber, creator of the Lemurian Sisterhood which began in Argentina on 11/11/11, this book is becoming a best-seller.

"We’re here on purpose... setting the Akash for the planet. The gender of Female is the gender for teaching Spirituality." —Kryon


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