Expanding Healing

We are consistently looking for new ways to expand the healing benefits of your membership. This entire program is about healing, so we want to honor all of those who need healing right now. We have added a new section to the program to offer a sacred, profound, and far-reaching healing opportunity just for you. We're calling it Miracle Moments; it's a time for all of us can come together to help ourselves and others.

Loving Intentions

We are a group of Old Souls and Lightworkers; we have the ability to harness incredibly powerful consciousness. It's been scientifically proven that group prayer works. Over time, we have seen so many examples where groups of compassionate people have focused a common loving intention and facilitated tangible change.

We would love to invite you to participate with us every week on Healing Wednesday for this compassionate time, where we create Miracle Moments by sending positive, loving energy and light and compassion to those who need it the most.

Lee Carroll: Hello, everyone. I'm Lee Carroll.

Monika Muranyi: I'm Monika Muranyi.

Lee Carroll: I'd like to tell you a little more about the Healing Wednesday program because we will start something new. This entire program is about healing; we really want to honor all of those who really need healing right now, in whatever form, or who have children, relatives, or friends who also need it. 

We're going to create a section in our Healing Wednesday programs, a new section that is sacred and profound and far-reaching and has energy just for you. We're going to call it Miracle Moments, and it's a time when all of us can come together to help ourselves and others.

Monika Muranyi: Now, our hearts really go out to those who have either contacted us or that we know from others are going through deep heartache or pain, or they are suffering from poor health for either themselves or their family members. And so, that's why we have created in your portal a section called Miracle Moments.

So, just like we have a section for extras, a section to submit your question, a section for the index, you will see in your portal a section for Miracle Moments. And when you click on there, you will have the ability to number one, send a request for someone you know, or it could be yourself for a healing. And number two, more importantly, that is where you are going to be able to view a list of those who have requested help.

We are a group of old souls and lightworkers, and we have an incredible power of consciousness. Group prayer works. I want to repeat that because I love the idea of it, and I absolutely know that group prayer works. We have so many examples over time where groups of people who concentrate on compassion and love for others have changed things.

Lee Carroll: We've even seen a couple of miracles. I mean, truly miracles that we have been part of because we know group prayer works. So from now on, every meditation before the Circle of 12 every Wednesday will be our Miracle Moments time. 

This will allow us to join together for those who need prayer, for those who are watching and who are listing, and for those who have listed themselves also or others on the actual list.

Monika Muranyi: So, we'd like to invite you to participate with us every week for this compassionate time, where we create Miracle Moments by sending positive, loving energy and light and compassion to those who need it the most.

Love and blessings to all of you. 

Until next time.

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2 thoughts on “Miracle Moments”

  1. Marie Mascarenhas

    Best news I have heard!! Can’t wait. Thank you, Lee and Monica, and Kryon, my heart melts when I hear you speak Kryon.

  2. Jacques Grignon

    My ears aren’t very good. I follow you with Kryon’s transcriptions. Terrie is doing fabulous work there. I started my search back in 1975 and I’m a fan of Kryon for quite a while. I could see myself far from our planet and I was in love with it when I saw that high mountain on my way to Lemuria. I’m naturally benevolent in everything and when I find a new way to learn with Kryon’s teachings I try to follow them. I love seeing the beauty of the new consciousness.

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