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Meet Peggy Phoenix Dubro

Peggy Phoenix Dubro is a distinguished International speaker and teacher. She's a true pioneer in the field of human-to-human energy dynamics and Universal Calibration Lattice®.

Peggy is joyfully dedicated to the creation of practical tools that can be used personally or professionally to assist in our ongoing evolution as energetically aware beings. Her energy tools help to bring your unique expression of self into the world! You can find Peggy's books on Amazon here: Elegant Empowerment: Evolution of Consciousness and I Remember I Am.

Peggy Phoenix Dubro was our special guest on Healing Wednesday in October 2020. WATCH FOR FREE.

A Word of Thanks from Peggy Phoenix Dubro

Before I talk about the work and what I do, I wanted to thank you for everything you're doing these Healing Wednesdays. This is like a dream come true. You are also gathering together all kinds of healers and honoring their work... and to me, that's really important. We do that because as we come together, each one of us with our piece of the puzzle, we get to open up new awareness, new levels of consciousness, and you're providing the space for us to do that. And this is same time Kryon opens up. This is beautiful energy for us to continue to evolve our ability to heal. Thank you. Well done, my dear friends. We are evolutionary as you know.

EMF Balancing Technique

You've been talking a lot about Australia and Uluru and I went with you the time you were there. It was amazing stepping out into the world that way. The first time I went back to teach in Australia, there was an Aboriginal woman and her name was Rosa. She did the whole training of the four sessions and worked beautifully. At the end of the class, we did this wonderful circle where we sat around to encourage one another and talk about what we experienced. She looked at me and she said, "I have never wanted to learn anything from a white person." Kryon says, I'm in hiding this time. I'm in disguise. Rosa said, "This work is pure and beautiful. And I will take it back to my people." I was deeply honored.

The EMF Balancing Technique, is a way to work with the Universal Calibration Lattice, this evolutionary system in our energy anatomy. You can see an animation of it and learn more about it if you go to my website, and check out Peggy Phoenix Dubro. The work itself is very interesting. It goes layer by layer and it creates deep coherence. It was an answer. I thought it was first for me, the system in the energy anatomy. In my experience of no beginning and no end, it was a deep desire to remember God, Creator or Source. And with that remembrance came this amazing energy of infinite love to me it's as if it happened yesterday. It is with me in my entire life.

Energy Activations

Everything I do, all of this work is to help us activate that energy of infinite love. It is in each one of us and the stronger we become and our ability to be able to express this energy, which is electrical alive and transformative, the better. What was really needed was deep coherence. I didn't understand that because I'm a bit of a wild woman and I liked lots of energy so I went to all kinds of places on all kinds of levels of existence.

It's so interesting. I thought I was going to be a microbiologist. I did the college prep course. That's what I wanted to be before I started to have expanded, conscious experiences. Then I met shamans along the way and I studied with the Brazilian Shaman and an African Shaman. I studied last with a native American Lakota pipe carrier. Her name is Little Hawk, and I spent several years apprenticing with her. That was my education so I don't have the letters after my name, which I honor. Out of my experience came this need to develop coherence.

Expanding Your Consciousness

At that time I didn't even understand what it was... once the work started to develop, people were coming because I was able to do intuitive guidance and work with my intuition. One day I noticed as I was moving my hands, the energy was moving in. This ladder started to show itself. At first I experienced it in my own field and I thought it was just for me (because I was such a mess, my energy was everywhere).  Then I started to receive as a Channel, this EMF Balancing Technique. It came layer by layer.

Now I see how important it is because we are expanding consciousness. We are coming online as a multidimensional human being. It's really helpful to be able to be coherent in the way we direct our energy and how we pull from our history and how we give and receive in the world. This system helps us with the expansion of our consciousness to bring through each one of us, our piece of the puzzle. Even as a teacher, you're a student and as a student, you're a teacher. There's this beautiful figure  eight where we learn and we teach.

A lot of times people will say as they go through the course, "I have learned so much more about myself and the universe and the energy" and that's what we want, the more we grow the better.

The Electromagnetic Field

The movements are very much like Tai Chi and you work with a person and there's very specific energy patterns we follow and that's how we speak the language of energy. Then we have some words we say, so the person is going in a certain direction for evolution, but what's most important is that everybody responds according to their inner wisdom. I never look at someone and think their energy needs to be this or that. I look right to the core and we speak wholeness-to-wholeness, core-to-core.  That's what brings out the expression of the person, this being into the energy of their wholeness to become more of who they are, to know why they're here and what comes next.

For the first time, the EMF Balancing Technique will be taught online. People can find out about it at Peggy Phoenix Dubro, my website. All this was channeled and the light and the energy was brilliant. One day human beings will know the importance of the electromagnetic field and human consciousness. I'm so grateful for the coherence that comes with it. I didn't realize how important that was at that time. What I've learned is that we channel it through, it transforms us. It's in everyone.

There is a strength of that energy of infinite love that I expect to see in my lifetime. We are channeling through it and are expressing it in ways we've never done before. I believe that time is upon us. It's coming quickly, now.

Cosmic Lattice

The Universal Calibration Lattice is our personal connection to what Kryon has called the Cosmic Lattice. I call it the Universal Field, it's that which connects all of us. As someone who touched the Cosmic Lattice and grabbed hold and didn't want to let go, all of my energy centers opened up and everything. I became awake and aware so quickly.

It took me 15 years before I could actually express and work through the Universal Calibration Lattice which facilitates our connection with the one field. The Cosmic Lattice, the Universal Field, is that which connects us all in a way that we can then be coherent, expand our consciousness, live, think, and breathe in this multidimensional reality. It is different. I know everybody would like it to be simple and I would too, but I'm finding that as we are evolving, the energy patterns become more complex and more brilliant.  Our nervous systems and our bodies and our ability to reason in an evolutionary way changes, that's what's happening for us.

Benefits of the Training

There's 12 phases for the EMF Balancing Technique and that created a beautiful foundation. I've been through a lot of experiences and I've learned a lot. I feel like I've become more compassionate and more loving. The energies have gotten stronger and stronger as I get to channel them. Then I set them there, they're set in words and the energy is attached to the words. And then I pass them along so that when people take these activations, they learn how to give them and how to teach them.

It brings you more into alignment with the core energy, your Source energy of who you are. It helps to open up your co-creative energies and helps you with the expansion of consciousness. People start to feel more connected, more aware and they become more creative. Just this past week I had somebody who said her daughter was autistic and after her first session, her daughter started to speak. We've had a lot of spontaneous healings.

People feel more connected inside of themselves to be in a place of expanded consciousness, to be able to look at what's happening, to see the shifting reality and be able to contribute to their own lives and the collective in a way that is much more effective. It wakes you up even more to that which is already in you.

Enhance Innate Wisdom

When participating in this work, you will respond and calibrate energetically, according to your inner wisdom, the innate wisdom within you, that has always been. Even as we start to communicate with one another through the one field, we're continuing to communicate with one another energetically. The patterns are timeless and they're really important for us to support ourselves in this time of change. What we are doing is we are helping one another help ourselves. That beautiful figure eight is honoring that as we grow together. I'm just absolutely adoring the energies that are being brought to the planet at this time.


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