power of affirmation cards

Power of Affirmation Cards 3

Power of Affirmation Cards

Lee Carroll: Hi everybody. I'm Lee. This is a post for you and it has more about the power of affirmation cards.

Monika Muranyi: And I'm Monika. I think everyone should know us by now I hope.

Lee Carroll: Well, there could be people just coming on for the first time.

Monika Muranyi: Perhaps so.

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Manifesting Your Masteries

Monika Muranyi: Yeah. We've already had a couple of conversations talking about the power of affirmation cards and how fun it is to use tools. And I did create a card set using affirmations. Actually, it's called Manifesting Your Masteries, the name of it, and they have affirmation cards in it. There's so many that are available. Whatever resonates with you the most. And again, we did say that the best affirmations are ones that you create yourself.

Lee Carroll: That's right. But a lot of people really enjoy collecting card sets I've noticed and affirmation cards are very popular.

Monika Muranyi: Yeah. Previously we mentioned the affirmations I did. I created them in categories. And today I thought we would have fun with two categories. One is finding peace and the other one is life purpose. And the reason I bring those two topics up is that it's probably easy for people to think that Lee and I, since we've been doing this for so long, that it was an easy road of getting here. And many people become frustrated when they're doing one thing, they have a change of life and they want to move into the new thing. It's frustrating and we are no different.

Lee Carroll: Yeah. We have the same thing.

Guidance from Affirmation Cards

Monika Muranyi: Yeah, Lee, you had Kryon come to you while you were a recording engineer.

Lee Carroll: That's right. I had a decision to make, I really wanted to do Kryon full-time. It wasn't possible in my mind and I had a studio that I would have to sell in order to do it. I really needed guidance.

Monika Muranyi: Yeah, and it was several years. I remember you in one of your "Journey Home Workshops" that I went to, you were telling us that there was a period of time where you wanted to do Kryon full-time. Yet the finances, you can't just drop a recording studio and move into doing it. And it was amazing how you handled that. That kind of situation you would really need peace and knowing that the timing will be the timing.

Lee Carroll: That was the hardest thing, to know what's next. How long is it going to take? What should I do? What should I not do? And what we're going to demonstrate again is that if I'd had the affirmation cards then, actually if I'd had any affirmation cards then.

Monika Muranyi: Oh really?

Finding Peace Cards

Lee Carroll: Yeah, I think I would have called upon that just to draw them and see what Spirit has to say. Because we believe in the randomness, being that there are no accidents.

Monika Muranyi: I think it's always nice to have an affirmation come in. You know this stuff already, but it's nice to be hearing it. Why don't you have a shuffle of those? And just pull one. These are all about...

Lee Carroll: This pile is what?

Monika Muranyi: Finding peace.

Lee Carroll:  Okay. I don't want people to think that we've planned this because we haven't. This one is called Light of the Creator. "The divinity within me glows with the eternal light of the creator. I am connected with my true self so that the peace is within me. It's manifested within me throughout my entire being." Okay. This one really tells me that I could make my own decisions with the divinity in me and I should pay attention to my own intuition. That is the message that I would have from this card.

Monika Muranyi: From that.

Lee Carroll: And I love the message because when you're in those times, you doubt yourself. This is a message that basically says, "Don't doubt yourself."

Questioning My Purpose

Monika Muranyi: Yeah. And for me, I remember when I started learning energy work, I was still working as a Ranger in the National Parks. I wanted my way of being in the world to be in service, transforming lives and doing energy work. And the finance situation of going from a full-time, paid job with the government to one where I would just have clients each month doing energy work. It wasn't really reality that was taking shape and form. So I was questioning my purpose in life and I was never even imagining that it would end up being what it has become.

Lee Carroll: What's the difference between finding peace over my situation, for instance, which sounds a lot like what you were going through? You were looking for what your purpose should be rather than having to find peace around it. I like it.

Monika Muranyi: I think the connection is that once you find peace within yourself, it comes to you without being frustrated for it.

Lee Carroll: Absolutely. It's like erasing all the barriers.

Giving Thanks for Knowing

Monika Muranyi: Yeah. All right, now my cards here are about life purpose so let's just see, maybe this could have helped. Here's one that says, oh, Passion. Power. Purpose. "I give thanks for knowing my passion, my power and my purpose in life." That may seem counterintuitive to someone who's asking.

Lee Carroll: Who's looking for it.

Monika Muranyi: I don't know what it is. Here we have the juxtaposed position saying, "I give thanks for knowing." It's really having peace that you know, isn't it?

Lee Carroll: Well, it's also telling your innate that you do know and that it's in the field, basically. It's a part of the affirmations for health, like you might be feeling very bad and you're reading how you feel on your card. It's all part of that. Affirmations are this way. They are instructions also for your innate as you read them and you see them.

Monika Muranyi: Exactly. Well, we hope you've enjoyed this conversation with us and we look forward to bringing you more.

Lee Carroll: There will be. Bye.


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