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Power of Affirmations 1

Power of Affirmations

Lee Carroll: Hi, everybody. I'm Lee and I'm here with Monika. We believe in the power of affirmations very, very strongly to the point where we wanted to share that Monika has developed an affirmation card deck. For years, we have been working with others who have developed their sets and all. We just wanted to spend a little time on how you might use affirmation tools and things of that nature.

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Affirming Your Purchase Order

Monika Muranyi: Well, I just love that Kryon tells us now in this new energy that affirmations are more powerful and important than ever. It's like putting in an order, a purchase order of what you want. You even talk about it in your lectures, where if you're constantly verbalizing that you're going to catch something, being a hypochondriac, you get it.

Lee Carroll: You can affirm yourself into sickness.

Monika Muranyi: Yeah.

Lee Carroll: I mean, you might know this. I mean, these things really do work...the subconscious and your innate. Everything's listening.

Inspired by Kryon

Monika Muranyi: I think we're really good at affirming bad stuff.

Lee Carroll: I think we're very good at affirming bad things. That's why we're here, because we would like to have some fun, some explanations and just tell you some stories about them.

Monika Muranyi: Exactly, and there are so many amazing and powerful affirmations out there. And I got really inspired by the channels that Kryon would have. And sometimes it'd be like this precious gem of an affirmation in there. So I started capturing them for my own purpose. And then I just got inspired to create an app first because there were so many. I had 105 different affirmations.

Lee Carroll: Way too many.

Monika Muranyi: I never intended making a card set because who wants to hold up 105 cards in their hands, that would never work.

Blank Cards Included

Lee Carroll: So you need to choose? How many are in there?

Monika Muranyi: This is a derivative, and I'll tell you a secret.

Lee Carroll: Okay.

Monika Muranyi: So it's got 44 cards, but three of them are blank.

Lee Carroll: How can you have a blank affirmation card?

Monika Muranyi: Kryon always says that the words that come out of your mouth, they're more powerful if you have created them for yourself. So my intent behind having the three blank cards in here was so that you would take those three cards and included with the ones that are here, write your own ones. But can I tell you a funny story?

Lee Carroll: I can think about what might've happened already with it.

Guided by Kryon

Monika Muranyi: I just do this stuff. I'm guided by Kryon to do it, and I don't know what's going to happen when it goes out there, you have one idea and then other things happen. At a seminar, I had this beautiful, gorgeous man come up and tell me how he loved this deck. He said when he got it he was so wanting to get the message from Kryon and the deck. And had so much focus and energy and what this intense message was going to be.

Lee Carroll: Very intense, very powerful. Yeah and we know what happened.

Monika Muranyi: Yeah. He pulled the blank card.

Lee Carroll: He pulled the blank card.

Monika Muranyi: And he was like, what? He put it back in, and no, I think he put that card aside and did it again. Pulled another blank card.

Giving Your Power Away

Lee Carroll: What are the odds?

Monika Muranyi: I know. What are the odds?

Lee Carroll: What are the odds of two in a row when the deck is shuffled and has three in them?

Monika Muranyi: Yes. And that he had set that one aside, I think. And so, I think he even did it a third time. And that's when he told me that he just broke down hysterically laughing because he realized he was in a way giving away his power.

Lee Carroll: ...to the card deck.

Monika Muranyi: To the card deck.

Lee Carroll: That's right.

Monika Muranyi: And so, then it was just relaxing and laughing with spirit about the message that he got. But then, he did say he was using the cards, but not in that same way.

Personal Affirmations

Lee Carroll: It's true. I know that you've put in your cards specifically, not everybody does this, but categories of health and relationships and jobs. But you never can carry everyone's intent.

Monika Muranyi: No.

Lee Carroll: So that's why you can produce your own. And that's one of the messages of this post, because we encourage you to make your own deck. List out the things that are personal to you and then you can pull them for the day and find out. That's a lot more in personal.

Marilyn's Story

Monika Muranyi: Exactly. And then the other fun thing was, how I never would imagine using these. Marilyn Harper is someone that travels with us a lot, and she channels Adironnda. Often, it surprised me actually, she would often come up on stage with Lee and channel, and there'd be a card that she had drawn from here.

She was telling me her experience of the blank card. And she pulled a card which had a message and then wanted to get a second card for the message of the first one but it was a blank. And me just thinking, "Oh yeah, the blank is just for you to write your own affirmation."

She got the blank after the first card, and it was very impactful. It was a message that the blank card was saying, "It's your free choice to accept that previous affirmation as truth for you or not." I think what happened was the information she got it didn't feel comfortable. You know when you say what you want but you don't have it and it's too far of a stretch to believe it. And that was that thing of it...

Power of Affirmations

Lee Carroll: ...when you're sick and you're stating that you're not.

Monika Muranyi: Yeah. My cells are healthy and I'm vibrating.

Lee Carroll: And then you sneeze.

Monika Muranyi: Yeah. So then the blank card was, do you believe that as your truth or not? So then that was a whole new interpretation of the blank card which I never could have even imagined.

Lee Carroll: And the power of affirmations work very interestingly. As I just mentioned, you can have an affirmation that you are well and you feel fine in the process of your sickness. And what is happening is, you might say, "Well, that's ridiculous. I'm not fine." This is you speaking to your innate and your subconscious, they're hearing it. And it makes such a difference on how fast you're going to heal. And of course, how sick you're going to get and how fast you do it the next time.

Have Fun with Affirmations

Monika Muranyi: Absolutely. And so the thing that we say is that, spirit knows you, have fun. Everyone has so many different ways of how you do this. There's no right or wrong. I think it'd be fun for you to pull a card and for me to pull a card, what do you think?

Lee Carroll: I love it.

Monika Muranyi: Okay.

Lee Carroll: Okay. And let's say I get a bad card I'll pull another.

Monika Muranyi: You'll just pull another one. So we're going to just have some fun.

Lee Carroll: Here we go. Did you shuffle this really good?

Monika Muranyi: I think so. And we don't know. I mean, maybe it's a message for someone else. Maybe it's a message for tomorrow. Who knows?

Drawing Affirmation Cards

Lee Carroll: Well, it's interesting. I just saw the title here because you might know what Kryon is about and if you don't, why are you here? This is titled love and compassion. It says, "I am spiritually evolved. Enlightened human. I demonstrate compassionate action and love in my daily life."

Monika Muranyi: I love that.

Lee Carroll: I do too. Because that is my affirmation. And this I do even without the card.

Monika Muranyi: Well, this is also a beautiful card. It's divinity within. And that's what we were just saying. Everything you need for yourself is within you. So, "The system of God is inside me. And the very essence of divinity lies within the multidimensional attributes of my DNA. I am filled with love." That's amazing because I was really focusing on that when I was in Iceland, isolated for all of those months.

Let's Do This Again

Lee Carroll: We can pull cards for a long time now but this a little too long of a post already.

Monika Muranyi: Yes. It is. Thank you for indulging.

Lee Carroll: So, what we're going to tell you is that, if you like this, we are going to do this again. Probably without the funny stories, and do some work, card pulling and explaining. And so, we'll be back. Thank you.

Monika Muranyi: Thanks again.


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