powerful affirmation cards

Powerful Affirmation Cards 2

Powerful Affirmation Cards

Lee Carroll: Hi, everybody. I am back here, and I'm with Monika. Here is another post and we're going to talk more about these powerful affirmation cards. This one is about how to use them, a little bit about them that you might not have known just by having those. It's not only for those who have them, but for those who perhaps might have them in the future. I wanted to explain what we're doing, because one of the attributes of Monika, and the thing that I learned very quickly, is that she categorizes things.

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Organizing M&Ms

Monika Muranyi: You're giving things away now.

Lee Carroll: Yes, I know. You walk into the kitchen, even after dinner and everything is categorized and put away. Even the dirty things are categorized. These are the dirty things here, these are...

Monika Muranyi: Yes, I like to organize.

Lee Carroll: I know you do.

Monika Muranyi: It's inherited from when I was little. Even M&Ms... I would open a packet of M&Ms, and I wanted the green ones here, and the yellow ones here, and the blue ones here. I had my little piles of M&Ms and colors. This is too strange. Then I would start eating from the piles, but I had to make sure, if there was five left here, I wanted to go five, five, five, five, and then go four, four, four...

What People Ask Us

Lee Carroll: Was this last year or when you were a little girl?

Monika Muranyi: This is my organizing brain. It was when I was a little girl, but it actually has helped me with the Kryon work to pull it together and create organization of it.

Lee Carroll: What she means is that she is the Kryon archivist. There will come a day when we will have a database of everything Kryon has ever said, searchable by words and all. That is actually coming. She's been working on it for years. I'm giving away things, but this is her specialty, as it applies to the powerful affirmation cards that she built.

Monika Muranyi: Well, we thought about what are the common things that people ask about in life, in general. We came up with some categories. Lee helped me with this. First there's the universal question. Next there's the issues on health, the issues on relationships, the issues that relate to our jobs, or business, or money. Then we have the big one.

Writing Your Own Affirmation Cards

Lee Carroll: Life purpose. Yeah. There's seven of these.

Monika Muranyi: Yeah, and the last one was finding peace. I wanted to incorporate those categories into...

Lee Carroll: That's six. I know where I got seven. Seven includes the blank ones. Ah-ha. Am I right about that?

Monika Muranyi: Correct. I have three blank cards as well.

Lee Carroll: There is seven.

Monika Muranyi: The intent behind that was to write your own affirmations on there.

Lee Carroll: That's a category. Your own powerful affirmation cards.

Health Affirmation Cards

Monika Muranyi: Yeah, it is. You can use the cards and just pull out your message, or you can do what we're going to do today, which is I've already put out a pile for the health category. Then we have a pile here of the universal affirmations. I thought that Lee and I could pull one each from the health category. Is there any health issues you're having at the moment?

Lee Carroll: I can't think of any at the moment. While I don't normally have any health issues, there could be something maybe I'm not aware of.

Monika Muranyi: Make a statement before you pull one.

Lee Carroll: I will say, "Dear Spirit, tell me what I should know about my health."

Monika Muranyi: Okay.

Healthy Habits

Lee Carroll: Healthy Lifeforce. "Every single cell in my body is part of my Divine Self. My cells carry the light of the creator, sacred, blessed, and glowing with a healthy lifeforce." I just asked, is there anything I should know about my health specifically. And the answer, because I didn't have an issue to talk about today, the answer truly that I got was know about your lifeforce. It's every single cell.

Monika Muranyi: All right. Well, mine will be about habits. Our health comes from our habits and sometimes I can fall into habits that take away from my health, like having too much sugar. That'll be my question. "Dear Spirit, how can I help myself with my health and my habits?" Oh my gosh. This is saying I Control My Biology.

Lee Carroll: Oh dear.

Monika Muranyi: Whatever I was born with doesn't matter. "I am in control of my biology, my immune system, and my awareness. I am healthy and filled with vitality."

There Are No Accidents

Lee Carroll: You see how this works.

Monika Muranyi: Yeah. This is telling me I have control over my habits.

Lee Carroll: Well, I would say the metaphysical premise here is that there are no accidents, and so you have random pulls of cards. People will say, "Well, that doesn't mean anything. It could be anything or whatever." We believe that nothing happens by accident, so we both got the right cards for ourselves, just in this example.

Monika Muranyi: Yeah. Now I want to do one for everyone watching. Let's use the universal affirmation. How about I ask a question that will help all of us as Lightworkers, because this is probably the question we get asked the most. "Dear Spirit, how can I help others?" That's what we want to do. We're in service to humanity. Lee, will you do me the honor of pulling a card?

Lee Carroll: I'll pull one and give it to you to read? Okay?

Using Old Soul Wisdom

Monika Muranyi: I'd like you to read it.

Lee Carroll: You want me to read it? Okay.

Monika Muranyi: Yeah. Dear Spirit, how can we help others?

Lee Carroll: Okay. Anywhere?

Monika Muranyi: Anyone.

Lee Carroll: Okay. Old Soul Wisdom is what this one is called. "I'm an old soul, I have vast experience, deep knowledge, and spiritual wisdom. I am the hope of the planet, and my magnificence is known by God." So that is the answer. Old soul wisdom that you carry. Watching this particular post means that you have something. You're interested in these kinds of things. You have that old soul wisdom, and that was a great answer. Now use it to help those around you, and then that is the answer to how you can help humanity.

Own Your Magnificence

Monika Muranyi: I think the underlying message with that one was about claiming your magnificence, and owning it, and knowing it. How can you not be magnificent when you have knowledge that in you is a spark of the Creator. It's a part of you, so how can we not be magnificent?

Lee Carroll: I agree.

Monika Muranyi: Yeah.

Lee Carroll: If you liked this (well even if it didn't), than we're going to do more. Watch for them. More posts on cards and pulling cards and things like that. Thank you.

Monika Muranyi: Have fun.


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