Emotional Tools for Our Time (HD Replay)


We are in very unusual times at the moment, and it takes master teachers who truly understand how we think and work with our emotions to help us work through these changes. For this reason, we are offering this special program, “Emotional Tools for Our Time.”

For many years, we have presented with a very wise, heartfelt life coach and counselor: Shamir Ladhani. His teachings and expertise help those in need of processes and new concepts to help build solutions to overcoming anxiety, fear, and loss in these unprecedented times.

Monika and Lee, together with Shamir, invite you to watch this high-quality 2.5 hour program of discussion, teaching, beautiful energy, and Kryon channelling at a time when it is most needed.



Special guest, Shamir Ladhani, will discuss simple and yet overlooked approaches to opening up to abundance in health, wealth, and joy; these involve managing emotions and being consciously aware when experiencing depleting emotions. Some of the areas covered during this session include:

  • Emotions and their effects on health and aging
  • Practical and easy approaches to recognize and manage depleting emotions
  • Recognizing the three fields of coherence: personal, community, and global
  • Developing the ability to create a field of coherence that transcends time and space

For many, the anxiety created by our current world situation is affecting health, personality, family relationships and more. Depression is on the rise, suicide is higher than it has been in many years, and many are searching for guidance just to “get through it all.”

Shamir is a specialist in helping create self-worth solutions. As he tells it, “I help people recognize how to get out of the way of themselves.” The Kryon work is about compassion, kindness, love, and helping individuals to have perceptions that show that we are “bigger than we were told.” Shamir fits into this exact goal.

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