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Miracle Moments

Expanding Healing We are consistently looking for new ways to expand the healing benefits of your membership. This entire program is about healing, so we want to honor all of those who need healing right now. We have added a new section to the program to offer a sacred, profound,

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Thoughts from Lee

Our Great Community Hi everyone. Happy New Year!  Here is a brief but important Facebook Live. WELL, it’s 2022, and we are still working this dark-light puzzle together, huh? I have a couple of things to give you. Both of these things I have given in the Circle of Twelve

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lee carroll answers who is kryon

Who is Kryon?

The Oldest Question Hello, I’m Lee Carroll. People have asked me the question, “Who is Kryon?” for 31 years now. That’s how long I’ve been channeling this name, Kryon. And it’s hard to answer. Every single interview that I have, over all of these years, that’s the first question they

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