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Some have asked, "Is the Healing Wednesday program LIVE or not?" The answer can't be a yes or no. We create the program to be as live as possible, including the various speakers being on chat the nights we broadcast. Here's a behind the scenes look at building the new Kryon Studio in this video with Lee.

Coordinating Speakers

Coordinating speakers from all over the world to be on with us at exactly 6 pm in California every Wednesday is virtually impossible. Therefore yes, we pre-record some of what we do.

Going forward, the world will be opening back up soon. Once that happens, Monika and I will be traveling out to see all of you again in-person too. To make that possible as well, those programs will need to be pre-recorded.

Building a New Kryon Studio

In order to maintain a professional program for our audience, we pre-recorded programs prior to moving from the old Kryon Studio space to fill that gap while we have no facilities to create from.

The bottom line is that you are watching a program that has many pieces, some of which are pre-recorded. So is everything all live? Does it matter? Does that hinder a smooth program or change the energy of the Circle of Twelve?

Our promise to you is...

Our goal is to give our audience a beautiful and sacred space for healing while delivering a seamless program every single Wednesday night. Monika and I provide a "bed of benevolent consciousness" to serve all of you with the most compassionate healing program we can.

We make it as present as possible, even if some of the pieces are pre-recorded in the Kryon Studio. This is a healing program, and we are committed to it being a "safe and uplifting place to be."

So is it a very "real" place of healing? The answer to that question is yes.

Thank you for your understanding of all of the complex and layered pieces that go into creating this program and in keeping it available to everyone during these difficult times.

Lee Carroll


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