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The News

Instructions from Kryon

Hi everybody. I'm Lee Carroll, but you knew that already because you're on my website or my Facebook. Let's face it. Oh, is that a joke? Anyway, I wanted to tell you, thank you for watching this. This is one of the few Facebook Lives I do... maybe one a month or so. This is an important one. It may be a little longer than normal and it's more of an opinion. It's also the opinion of, and the instructions from, Kryon and the subject is "The News."

Don't Watch the News

Kryon has said very, very succinctly, and I have too, "Don't watch the news." And I want to give you the reasons why this is being said from my standpoint, and also the fact that it's been given by Kryon, I think gives me permission to talk about it. And I know it's controversial, but I'm going to go slow and let you know what this means.

Many have said, well, if we don't watch the news, we're not going to be informed, citizens. I want you to think about this. Kryon said, don't watch the news. He didn't say, don't have the news. Stay tuned because this is going to be fully explained.

Power of Visuals with Music

My background before I ever got to Kryon was in media... in graphics and broadcasting. I wasn't in front of the camera, I was behind it as a tech. So I had basically 20 years growing up and I had about 20 in that business. And then we have about 30 in this business. Don't count them up. Okay, just don't do it. : )

But I've come from this, and I know what pictures and music are designed to do. I learned about the power of visuals and music. I'm going to give you a statement. Humans tend to cognize and personalize (take it to themselves), what we see and view on a screen, whether it's TV or a movie. It tells a story and we're glued to it. This affects us a lot more than if we simply are reading.

Six Movies Lee Loves

This is why commercials work, and the classic example truly is movies. I want to tell you just a little bit about something. It's so remarkable to even think about it, and I was sucked into this too. Movies rewrite history, and it's really hard to undo.

I'm going to read six movies that I just loved. Now this will tell you a lot about me because I like these kinds of movies and they're historic movies about not just history, but about people. And they're involving some really good actors, and I liked them all. The Last Samurai with Tom Cruise, I love Tom Cruise. The Patriot with Mel Gibson. Braveheart with Mel Gibson, so heartfelt. This is about history, about people that actually existed. Gladiator with Russell Crowe. Now that wasn't necessarily about a real person, but it was about a place in history that we all know. Argo, Ben Affleck. That was about the Iran issues that happened, real stories. Pearl Harbor with Ben Affleck.

They Got it All Wrong

Now I just gave you all of these six movies, and you might say, well, they're about history that happened, and people that worked and did their thing and scenarios. They really did. Yep, they did, and they got it all wrong. Completely. Timelines are wrong, facts are wrong. People that didn't do what they did or said what they said.

And yet I viewed them all as being accurate and true. And that's what I take away with me is you try to tell me about something as profound as Pearl Harbor. I remember the Pearl Harbor film. I don't remember the history book as much and they got it wrong.

Historically Inaccurate Movies

Now, if you say, what do you mean? They got it wrong, Lee. I will give you a reference. I often don't do this, but I'm going to do it this way. There was a man named Jack Delaney, he's from Twitter, I think. And he has a webpage. It says the 15 most historically inaccurate movies ever. So you can see these and what they did with them, and what I'm talking about by going to, ready, kryon.com/badhistory. That's going to get you right to this article.

Here's the point. There's no delete key in our brain. We can't see this movie, enjoy two hours' worth of this and all this history, and then have a disclaimer at the end that says we didn't mean it. I mean, it doesn't work. We tend to cognize, believe what we see. Now, I want to give you the reverse of this as far as bad history. I want to show you how movies sometimes actually inform and change history.

Nuclear Reactor Meltdown

Back in 1979, and if you weren't there, don't worry, I'll tell you about it. The China Syndrome, a very, very powerful movie with Jack Lemmon and Michael Douglas. Jack Lemmon, I think got an Academy Award for it. It's a made-up story at the time about a nuclear reactor. It was about something in the control room that was about to be covered up. And The China Syndrome name, you probably are aware, that's the name for a nuclear reactor going into meltdown.

All right. So that was presented to us in 1979, actually based on true occurrences we find out in control rooms in nuclear facilities. So they made a screenplay about it and they presented it. Now, this was before, way before Chernobyl. This is way before Fukushima, but what happened is really fascinating. Within days of the release of The China Syndrome film, we had an issue at Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania and the result was between the film and what happened in Pennsylvania, there wasn't one nuclear reactor built in the United States from 1977 to 2013. And they said this is the power truly of the film.

The Power of Video

Now Kryon tells us... can I just divert for a minute? Let's talk about nuclear power because Kryon says there are far better ways to make electricity, and this statement is from Kryon. "Many times," he said, "nuclear reactors are the most expensive and potentially dangerous steam engines on the planet." Did you know that nuclear reactors just make steam? That's all they do.

I have a quote I want to read by a screenwriter. His name is Frank Deasy, and it has to do with the power of video, stories, and drama. Here's his quote. I'm reading. "As screenwriters, our work has the capacity to reach millions, if not billions. And sometimes what we do actually shifts public opinion, shapes the decision-making of powered leaders, perpetuates destructive myths, yes, or unexpectedly enlightens the culture." That's the power of moving pictures on a screen.

Fear-Based News

Bottom line. Stories presented with drama and music create reactions, create beliefs, no matter whether they're true or not. The TV news media that we have in the United States is entertainment-based. It knows it, you know it, and it knows how all of this works. They're presenting fear-based news, even though it's often positive in some way. I mean, honestly, it's truly fear-based.

They're not showing the entire story. They're not talking. Now, I want to make it clear. I'm not talking about politics, forget politics. I'm just talking about the news of the day, specifically, I would say almost anything that we would be concerned with. A virus, for instance. That's a big one. I can tell you about it here.

Frightening Viewers

This is not a conspiracy. They're not doing this as a conspiracy. They're doing this for money. This has to do with the agenda of keeping sponsors and ratings and income. They compete for your eyes. The more they're able to frighten you, the more you're going to watch. They've got you.

I went to the dentist last week and she made a statement and I want to tell you what she said. She says, "In these last seven months," she said, "since COVID-19 truly," that would be off, that's a year. There has been a tremendous increase in her office of clenching and grinding. That's fear, that's worry, that's all anxiety.

Journalism vs. Entertainment

As bad as the pandemic is, the news media has purposely made it worse. Here's a quote from Kryon in 2020. "More may eventually die from the fear created around the virus than from the virus itself because we know fear creates disease."

I want you to watch for something. I think it's already started to happen. News anchors, real journalists, after years of experience, due to the conflict between what they've learned and what's happening, good journalism versus entertainment, are going to start quitting. They're going to start moving off or retiring, or deciding they've stopped because they are some of the first to realize that they're no longer journalists.

Skewing the Facts

Let me tell you what happened to me in Iceland. This is where it really started. I was in Iceland last February and COVID broke out then, so I was out of the country. And I watched this happen, many news outlets from around the Planet presented in Iceland.

And what I saw is our news media from the United States was presenting things. I was so disappointed. You know what? Where they disappointed me again, as bad as the virus was and it was on a rampage there, and we were all looking at it. And our news was only showing facts on infected and death. They had no column for recoveries, none at all.

Inaccurate Information

So the good part, if you can have any good part of this, was the fact that we were even back then at a 93% rate of recovery, but they never even showed that. There was no accurate information either.

We found out later that our seniors were mostly at risk and that the others were not near as much. Let's protect our seniors, but it was presented back then by our news media, like the plague. I'm not telling you anything you don't know. If you could go back and see those, and if they'd replay that, you'd see that. Again, there was no column for recovery. It was simply infection and death, and that's what you were shown.

Select What You Want to See

No impartiality that journalists are trained to have. Bottom line, it's still happening folks. Now, here's my suggestion. If you want to get the news, and you want it as best you can... go to the Internet. Select your favorite news outlet service on the Internet, then read or see (they have videos), the articles that you select, that you select in the order that you select them.

You select how you want to see it without the bias of a storyteller, constructing a drama that plays in a certain sequence with carefully chosen pictures and sounds that goes right into your consciousness whether you want it to or not.

Get Your News the Right Way

Here is the plea. Be in charge of how you get your news and don't buy into an entire scenario of marketing, entertainment scenario that wants to scare you every day basically for money.

I hope this was okay with you. I am really still disappointed with our news media. I've said it before. I think they should be ashamed of themselves for frightening us at a time that's already frightening enough. I have love and compassion in my heart for all of you. Get the news, get it right. Don't be fooled. Thank you.


60 thoughts on “The News”

  1. Rosalie DeGregory

    I never watch nor listen to the faux news and haven’t in years. Pay money to be lied to? Not me.

  2. Dear sweet Lee Carol,
    I am so happy , to here you you give hope you give care .
    Thank you so much ?
    I am listening to you since 2016 and I got you app I do
    Love all your work, I live to come to see you one day but
    from Germany to the USA ist not so easy,
    I send many thank you you and Kryon.

  3. angelica gloria

    Thank you very much again!!! I remember when Kryon said “you won’t see anything in 2012, you’ll have to wait until 2020. At that time I felt dismayed but…o boy was that statment spot on!!!! So thanks again for trying to curb the madness!!!!
    God bless!!!

  4. Dr Sohini Shukla

    Dear Brother Kryon through Lee Caroll,
    Yes, you are very right that the news we are getting daily, most of give fear rather than protection !
    Most of the News from any media are with ” Masala ”
    And inspite of giving any type of Solace and removing fear from their Hearts they increase the fear on the contrary and After a While Now I am not watching any News !
    Because all these are for upset our minds !
    Thanks for your suggestion and advice here !
    With Love & Gratitude,
    Dr. Sohini Shukla

  5. ok, thank you Lee! I’m thinking of all that, and I’m really disappointed because I know it’s true; but most people are just magnetized by tv, newspapars telling only about of death and problems, financials family problems, poverty; I knw, there must be a change of interests , a change of the sound of the souls

  6. Susan van der Rassel

    This statement surprised me the most and I’m aware of the incorrect information from the media: “Many times,” he said, “nuclear reactors are the most expensive and potentially dangerous steam engines on the planet.” Did you know that nuclear reactors just make steam? That’s all they do.”
    My question is: Are you then saying that these disasters that happened in the past were based on false information? What about 911? Fascinating!!

  7. I totally agree! I get all my news only from YouTube, and it seems Spirit is providing just what I need to know (including your videos) to continually motivate the urgency in getting the book I’ve just published “out to the masses”–to increase awareness of truth and lessen the deaths and global suffering that this pandemic is creating. Unfortunately, I empathize in the pain and frustration I constantly see, knowing many doctors, scientists and researchers who are trying to educate the public, but are having their information “censored and removed”–ALL information that goes against what mainstream news and our governments want us to believe. I’ve witnessed several Medical Directors, doctors and specialists being brought to tears, saying they “can’t take it anymore”–watching people die “needlessly” when there exists a safe, proven and documented pill called “Ivermectin” that they cannot get approval on or even get the W.H.O. (who is running the show) to “look at”! The 1% wants “everyone” inoculated with these new and experimental vaccines (a 92 trillion dollar profit) and are now making them mandatory in many countries, (even giving them to “babies”) and isolating and punishing those who refuse. This is already starting to happen in Canada and has occurred in several countries where humanitarian leaders are “pleading” for people to wake up and help (and my book can)! And you say there is no “conspiracy” going on? Watch a video entitled “Shot in the Dark” by a prominent “vaccine specialist” (Dr. S. Tenpenny, who is also having her information constantly discovered and removed from the internet). I’ve even seen these scientists and doctors being accused of being “conspiracy theorists” for even bringing up this issue in a recent U.S. Senate meeting! (takes one to know one?) Suffice to say: it is hard to just say “Isn’t that interesting?” when you are a definite “old soul” who wants to make a difference–you have the information at hand to help millions and the simple solutions (from God directly) to make life better for everyone; but you’re restricted due to the lack of knowledge and resources needed to function in this “virtual world” we are forced into. Can you help?

  8. Right On! I unplugged my TV 3 years ago and I haven’t been to a movie-house-theater in about 4 years. I noticed back then that my brain/mind was being spoon-fed information I didn’t agree with. I take a local newspaper and skim through the headlines and read as much of any article as I’m interested in and let the rest go. I love to read books and again, am interested in informative literature and quantum info. What a huge difference this has made in my life. There IS a heaven on earth and it is visible, as Lee says, by my being in charge of what I let into my consciousness.

  9. Thank you Lee!! I have known this but sometimes watch news! I am done! You are amazing and I miss seeing you. At some level I knew this but did not bring it up!
    Much love,
    Joan Beasley, Astrologer,
    Edom TX

  10. Thank you Lee, for putting out this message. We have been acquiring our news in the way you have suggested for many years, so we found clarity on this situation a few weeks into the first lock down.. It is so sad to see how many people are running around terrified needlessly, and this after over a year now. In my meditations I often visualize people discovering the truth. A bit of good news, I’ve heard that main stream viewership is down by about 25%. That’s something to celebrate. I agree completely, the main stream media should be ashamed of themselves. It’s time for change. Thank for being you.

  11. Thanks again Lee! You are right on. The best thing I have ever done is turn off the TV and if there is something I need to know I do go onto the Internet. All of my siblings live in Alberta and they watch television from sun up to sun down. They have not been out of their homes even to visit one another (they only live 2 miles from each other) for a year now. How sad. Nothing can convince them that the news is not good for them. So I bless them and let it go, thanks to you and Kryon! Please don’t stop! You and Adirhonda and Alcazar are my rocks. You keep me going. Thank you Thank you!

  12. Hello Lee,
    It’s Deatrice from Charlotte. When my daughter Angellika first learned to talk, one of the first things she walked up to me and said was, “Mommy why you crying?” I was crying because I had just seen something horrible on the News that had happened to someone that brought me to tears. I made up my mind right then and there that I was NEVER watching the News again and that was over 17 years ago. It’s not that I don’t care about people or the Planet. It’s just that my heart is too sensitive and I knew that if I was going to stay emotionally balanced for my child, I couldn’t watch the News or I’d be walking around crying from the time I got up in the morning until the time I went to bed at night. I also knew, from personal experience, that if there was anything important I needed to know Spirit would tell me. For example, when I decided to go to my first Kryon meeting one of my Angel guides exclaimed, “HOSANNA!” LOL! To me that was a pretty good indicator that I had made the right choice don’t you think. LOL! No News from the T.V. necessary. LOL! Thank you again for a wonderful message.

    Your Family,
    Deatrice and Angellika

  13. Thank you for this heartfelt reality check. I agree. When I am visiting someone who has one of those 24 hour news networks, I am amazed and horrified at what is presented. I have antenna television and only get the local stations which do present the network nightly news. It is laughable at how histrionic it is. Mostly I don’t even turn the tv on.

    I am glad you clarified those remarks Kryon made a while back though. I wondered from his remarks if he was saying the virus is not real. Knowing people who have died from it, even young ones, contradicted that opinion to me and made me wonder where he was coming from.

    Thanks for all you do, Lee. You and Kryon have uplifted and inspired so very many! I have loved you both for years!

  14. Hi Lee!
    I really hope people will awake on this matter SOON enough to recover our liberty and rights before it is too late.
    My contribution to this is to visualize everyone on this planet becoming full of love, compassion and harmonized with the truth.


  15. Linda M Juniper

    Dear Lee and Kryon, I totally agree with everything here and I’m so grateful Lee to you that you
    put this video up thank you again. More and more people need to see this. I don’t hope people are OK with this I hope more people see the truth about mail stream news. It’s a control issue here.
    Love Linda M Juniper

  16. Thank you for your words. I haven’t watched the news for many years. I was also, very suspicious why they put TV’s into hospitals, buses, dentists, airports, bars etc. and
    noticed that game shows etc were forever giving away free TV’s. It’s would drive me crazy with the amount of free tv’s given away. It was nice to hear it explained very clearly the motives behind it all. Hoping for more and more people to become aware of it.
    Thanks again

  17. Thanks Lee & Kryon…! Words that are really appreciated. Confusing times for many, let’s hope what you said sinks in.

    Keep on, keeping on.

    Many heart blessings my dear friend.

  18. paola zaccarelli

    Thank very much Lee for your great messages full of Kryon, and your love.
    Really appreciate your words. It has change my way of live since 2003 and continue in-lighting my steps.
    Sorry for my English, I am from Chile.
    We are in profound touch.
    My best for you.

  19. Thank you Lee!
    I am heeding your words. I believe that I am getting my news “the right way”. However, sources that I trust are continually being censored or cancelled. I check in with mainstream occasionally for comparison in order to understand the agenda more clearly. This is all weirdness! What an exciting time to live! Everything is being revealed. But sometimes I lose my patience as I would like it to happen sooner. I’m starting to see how deep this thing goes and accepting that it’s going to take a lot of time.
    Thank you for the messages, they inspire. And thank you Kryon

  20. This is just beautiful Lee. Very clear and succinct. I pretty much have had my internal guidance telling me the same thing about the news for the last half century and I live in Australia. Thank you

  21. Yeessssss!!! I haven’t watched the news in over 20 years!! Yet, I still know what’s going on. Thank you, Lee, for sharing from your experience in media!

  22. I do not have a Facebook Account, so I won’t not have seen this under normal circumstances. Thank you for sharing this on your regular mailing list. Please continue to do so with other live posts.
    PS: I am a regular member of the Healing Circle of 12.

  23. Thank you Kryon -Thank you Lee. Shame on the American Media! I know that there is a profit motive. Worse yet, I think many media personalities, including many sports and movie stars have become ill-informed activists. Opinions are presented as fact!

  24. Thanks for sharing. I was telling my husband before I saw this that the news was not
    Telling us how many recovered. I agree they base everything on fear and we do get hooked into that easily.

  25. Those of us of a certain age long for true journalism: the likes of Walter Kronkite or Peter Jennings. Though I liked David Muir I had to go elsewhere because he was delivering every need ast as though there was a bomb under his seat that was about to go off at Any seconds. His sense of urgency never altered.. as an empathic person I found it crazy making. It did matter what he said, I was absorbing this sense of urgency physically

    I read all my news online and search out studies and facts And I stay calm

  26. Thank you and God bless you, Lee, for the piece you did about the news. I am so happy you explained that to everyone (again). I am also one who has a broadcast/film degree l, plus psychology. Maybe that education didn’t lead me to a great job but it does help me to see the “big picture “ that so many are missing these days. Thanks again for saying what needed to be said. And as always, thanks for Kryon!!
    Much love and big hugs to you and Monika.

  27. Thank you Lee and Kryon for giving an alternative way to check out the news without getting the emotionally (on purpose) charged broadcast!

  28. Brigitta Limacher

    Dear Lee
    Thank you very much for your message. Oh yes, this is exactly the situation here in Switzerland as well. TV, Radio and all the newspapers, but one, always frighten people. One newspaper mentioned a few weeks ago, that nearly 200’000 articles have been published in 2020 to “inform” people about the covid situation. In my opinion, not informed but frightened and shocked people unnecessarily nearly to death. And yes not one positive article about how many have recovered, although over 90% recovered, but of course these frightened people do not believe it.

    And by the way, thank you very much for your videos “The Journey Home”. I have been reading this book many times and your videos are so precious and beautiful.
    Since Kryon Book One I have been following yours and Kryon’s messages and it gives me so much peace and comfort in these very special times. I was in the audience when you visited Switzerland, Basel together with Robert Haig Coxon in 2014.
    I listen to all your channellings. Thank you so much! Please carry on!
    Big hugs Brigitta

  29. I agree wholeheartedly!!! I found the replays to be so over the top!
    Over and over and over and over and over again with all the negative news.
    The Good news doesn’t seem to get anywhere near the airtime yet that is so much what is needed in these changing times.

  30. Priscilla Bradley

    Thank-you Lee I am a Canadian and you have affirmed what we do in our news. We prerecord it and then only watch what is important for us to know. And our news does post our recovery numbers for the coved virus but yes I agree with the fear mongering and it is big business but that is another story. I have been following Kryon since you first came to winnipeg and I want to take this opportunity to than-you for your dedication to the truth Love You Blessings Priscilla

  31. Dina Tigchelaar

    Thank you Lee Carol. And Kryon

    The news is terrible causing such fear that some people are afraid to be near others.

  32. Claudia Sherman

    Fascinating. This week I chose not to watch any news programs. I have been very depressed and just the few days that I have been off news I feel so much better.

  33. Thanks for sending this! Was not aware Lee is on Facebook. Been shying away from Facebook. Too much political abuse! Thanks

  34. Thank you, Lee and Kryon!
    This is very helpful information. Eye-opening and behavior-changing for me!
    I continue to value and appreciate everything you have to say!

  35. Hallo from Sweden.
    Thanks for this information.
    I have been thinking it myself but not so structured in my mind.
    So good to hear this in this way.

  36. I am wondering already a long time how to bring the awareness of this to people. Is there a way I could post this in my insta stories? Because this is mentioned so clear and beautiful and I cannot find a way to copy this. It would be my pleasure to spread this message..

    Warm regards,

  37. alicia bretaña

    I want to thank Kryon and mr.Lee Carroll for all the hard work they´ve doing during more than 30 years, I live on my own, no family and just a few friends, but you, both show me how not to feel loneliness and discover the part of >God that there is inside me.Thanks a lot and send all the light for you.

  38. Thank you, Lee. I used to work in media, too. And I’ve started creating counter-propaganda with music and images, knowing exactly what it is, as you say. But the point is that we need accurate facts presented, and the facts being presented are extremely biased, aimed at making money through fear. And since the fear causes more death, it’s literally blood money. Thank you for speaking your truth. I believe the facts are very different from what mainstream news presents. I think even in printed articles, the mainstream press is presenting inaccurate facts… again, for money. I wish light would shine on this issue, very brightly. I wish we could focus a huge spotlight on it. Many refuse to see. Many just can’t see, because it’s too fearful to look with light. What if they knew that looking with light would show something far less scary? Sadly, I think there is also fear about being shown that the media is not true. We need light. Thanks for shining.

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