The Veil Is Changing

You are Your Soul

Greeting, Dear Ones; I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. It is difficult for me to express to you what it is to love a Human Being from the other side of the veil. We don't see you in your skin, Dear Ones. We've said before that we see your completely magnificent Soul. We see all of your lives.

The purposes you have come for are apparent to us, what you're going through, your requests, and your struggles. Much of this that we see is due to something that you have created called the veil. Here is a channelling that we have given many times before, but not to this group and not this way. Some have said, "If there were no veil, we would be better off. We would see things from the other side of the veil, and we'd understand our divinity."

I say to you, if there were no veil, there would be no test. The test is not of you, Dear One, or your Soul. The test is of energy on the planet; it's a planetary test. That's why you come in with free will and duality. You get to see all the dark and light things and make your own choices.

You’re In Control

Since you're watching this particular program or listening to it, you're probably very aware there is a struggle on the planet, and always is.

We talk about the balance of light and dark and how this balance has changed, especially through the last years. That light is starting to come forward very slowly that you start seeing things you never saw. Society is starting to be a little better at the integrity issue.

Society is starting to wake up to grander truths, that is something you see universally in your country and around the world, not just for Lightworkers, and that ought to tell you something. But all of this seems to be postured by the veil. I want to talk about the other side of the veil. I want to give you some information about it.

This separation between you in your Human form and the magnificence of God is not a veil created by the Creator. You created it. You have created this particular separation as an item you would experience when you came to the planet. I tell you, since it's your veil that separates you from that which is divine, you're in charge of it. This veil that you talk about is not something that was built and created by the workers on the other side of the veil to keep you from seeing the truth.

The Veil is Changing

This is something that you created on this planet even before you got here to keep you from seeing things that would then not be fair for duality. What is happening is that this veil is changing, and it's becoming more transparent. That is your doing, and you might ask if we're in charge of where the veil is collectively, will there ever be a time when it's gone? Let me take you in your imagination to another planet, and we'll call that another Earth. Let me take you there for a moment.

Let's say that another earth has had the same issues you've had. You realize I'm taking you into the past, a faraway place in this galaxy where there's another place where souls are struggling and went through this. They had these things and even did worse kinds of things than your societies have ever done, where they participated in genocide and came from a very dark place. There was then a shift.

Through the years, their veil started to change, to diminish, and many of them realized their divinity through the years. They were just like you. Their tests were much like yours, and they had duality, light, and dark. Their planet was different than yours, but they had the same attributes. Then one day, the veil disappeared.

They had worked hard for all of their doing, and it was a day of celebration. In that time, they saw the majesty of God and the love for them, and they became an ascended planet. That is what can happen. Some of them come here, Dear Ones. When they do, you don't see another humanoid; you will see an angel.

Where Souls Came From

Having no idea, you would say, "Well, here's this beautiful creature from heaven, and here it comes to give us advice." What if it wasn't at all? What if it was an ascended being from a planet who had gone through what you're going through coming here to love you, give you advice, and help you out? Almost the entire world believes in angels. They appear to come to you in every culture.

These Beings are seen to be historical and legendary. What if they had come from some other place? Dear Ones, there's something else to tell you. If you want to know where Souls come from, you've got all of these souls on the planet, and they keep increasing. Where do they come from?

What did they do before they got to Earth? I will tell you that some of them have come from these other places to do it again. But when it's that kind of a Soul, they come in knowing what is possible. In that, it's in their DNA, and it's in their psyche. They're positive about the future, and they've been through it before.

They're the ones who will start to be the Old Souls quickest because they've seen it. They're Lightworkers, and maybe some of them are you. The veil moves, and it has moved. It has moved closer to you, and that means it's thinner. As that love of Spirit and veil comes closer, you see beyond it easier.

Move and Cross the Veil

You start to see it for what it is; a manmade separation between that which is Human and that which is the Creative Source. Every Circle of Twelve, we cross the bridge. That bridge, Dear Ones, is the other side of the veil. I've identified it for you, and when you cross it yet today, I want you to remember that. You cross into a perfect place called your Soul, a place that's legendary with past lives from all over this galaxy.

Not just here on earth, the many you’s, Dear Ones, are there, and we have spoken of these things before. Truly in the Circle of Twelve, we are teaching you to move across the veil. To be comfortable with what you see, take back helpers and integrate them into your lives. In that, you are being prepared for what is going to happen on this Earth someday. When that's going to be common sense to almost every Human.

They'll start understanding that there is a goal. Perhaps that's an integrity goal, compassion goal, or a love goal, but these are the goals that start to replace some of the other things they thought created a good life. There will be the understanding that the more you can take from the other side of the veil and apply it to yourself, the grander you become, the longer you live, and the easier it'll be for the healing you desire. The channel is about the veil, but it's about your relationship to the Creative Source. How close do you want to be?

Lead Life with Love

Are there some of you who would like to take the veil and paste it upon you to such a degree that you don't feel a separation? There are those who do that, and that's called mastery. Then there truly is no veil for them, and they don't disappear in a flash or go into the skies or the heavens. They just become Human Beings that you'd like to be with, loving, compassionate, a new super soul.

You might say, one who leads the way and truly understands the love of Spirit and love of God for all that it is without the doctrines or the rules that you're used to. One who would stand in front of you and invite you to come and be with them where they'll listen to you as you pour out your troubles. They will love you all the time that you're talking. These are the kinds of people you're going to meet and be part of your society.

It's guaranteed because, Dear Ones, this has happened before. This is not the first time I have seen this. This is why I'm on earth. This is why I came in 1989 when we could see this planet moving in a direction, and we celebrated it.

We saw the potential of what was to come. Blessed are those on this planet now, especially those who understand that they have such control over their own life, divinity, and joy factor. May they infiltrate the darkness in a way that the darkness will disappear, and there'll be a quickening of love on the planet. I'm Kryon in love with humanity. And so it is.


The Veil Is Changing

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