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Who is Kryon?

The Oldest Question

Hello, I'm Lee Carroll. People have asked me the question, "Who is Kryon?" for 31 years now. That's how long I've been channeling this name, Kryon. And it's hard to answer. Every single interview that I have, over all of these years, that's the first question they ask, who is Kryon?

What if I told you it isn't really a who? In the singularity of what we live in, the 3D or 4D, everything is singular. If I have a friend, that is 'a who.' Kryon is actually an energy, perhaps even a group energy.  So for that reason alone, it's really hard to call Kryon a who. So I call it an Angelic, beautiful energy of love and compassion, unity and kindness. That started 31 years ago and has gotten nothing but better every single year.

What Kryon Says to Me

People ask me, "Well, what are your admonitions from Kryon? What does Kryon say that you should be?" Or, "How does Kryon talk to you?" Kryon talks to me, usually in the shower, something very subtle, often very loving. It's not packed with information, that comes in from mostly the channels. But the relationship I have with this loving entity, it's different.

Kryon has said to me, "The admonition is this... stay compassionately. Don't get filled with yourself, Lee, all of these things. And the more you do that," Kryon says, "Lee, the purer it will be, the better it will be, the more current the information, the more compassionate." That is who/what Kryon is and means to me. Now you know.


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15 thoughts on “Who is Kryon?”

  1. Dear Lee and Kryon ( and Monika too) I just would like to say thank your for your amazing work, work that spread love and kindness to whole this planet.

  2. In so many of my moments of despair and pain something tells me to pick up a Kryon book- I have them all- and I literally say “Please Kryon guide me to the page I need right now”. I close my eyes and open the book and what I read is so right for my situation. I allow the energy of the message to bathe me and heal me and it is so. The most beautiful thing about Kryon is the empowering that takes place when you begin to activate your magnificence and let it disperse its love everywhere you wish it to be.

  3. I have followed the wisdom of the Kryon messages as presented through Lee Carroll for nearly 30 years. These guideposts of Light have provided life steerage and profound insight for thousands. Thank you Lee for accepting the mission. The Light and Love you represent has emphatically changed my life.

  4. As a child growing up in a communist country I struggled to get answers to my questions about the human life experiment. I pondered who I was, where did I come from, why am I here, where am I going, why was I born to die? From the 3D perspective, I wanted to rescind my contract. Born to die was a very bad proposition! Those close to me were too busy surviving day to day to give me answers. So, I went on a quest to devour reading anything that attracted my attention. After many years of collecting nuggets of knowledge from true stories, history, and science fiction books I began to see a pattern of answers coming my way. It was not the story being told, but the experiences and outcomes that provided pieces to life’s puzzle. Just when I was getting close to understanding the answers and graduating in my quest I ran into (synchronicity 🙂 the Kryon works! It lifted the 800 pound telomere killer gorilla off my back. I now acknowledge that I am that I am a magnificent divine speck of the love creative energy we call God. Thank you Lee and Kryon! I have shed many tears of joy with the information you have shared. All these years I was preparing to see and hear. Many blessings and may the creative force be with you! Always!

    Much love and light,


  6. Dear Lee!
    So many years with you and Kryon ( yup, 31) the energy of Kryon has been the one constant in my life! If Kryon says it …it is so ! (at least for me) I remember many years ago when you came to the east coast in New Hampshire or Boston, and Cape Cod (where I live now, ) and you spoke of Kryon as light , a copper ball of light ..?? well that is how I think of Kryon.
    I am loving the weekly circle of 12 , and please tell Monika her book blew me away and connected all the dots .I have sat in the women’s group with Amber Wolf and hope to be able to join you all again in the future. I just wanted to reach out to say thank you and Kryon for all the years of dedication and loving messages. It has been quite a journey.. So until we meet again, much love to my extended family of light.
    Warm regards, Diane?

  7. I appreciate all that you do, Lee to insure the messages from Kryon are true and relevant. I find much to comfort me and inspire me. Thankyou for every single word! I do not feel as alone as I used to. Especially after you told me that “every single blade of grass knows who you are”.

  8. Me encantaría que esta información llegara con claridad a otras sociedades, con idiomas distintos. Eso le daría universalidad a los mensajes, los cuales, supongo, son para toda la humanidad. O será que otras entidades como Kryon están interactuando con otras sociedades, en otros idiomas y costumbres? Gracias de todas maneras por los mensajes, están llenos de compasión y sabiduría. ¡Un abrazo!

  9. I thought it all along. Kryon couldn’t have picked a better person to channel through. Thank You SO MUCH for all the years you have shared this beautiful being for all of us. Blessings & Love to you and all the Kryon team for your heart felt dedication.

  10. I am happy to hear that explanation of “who” is Kryon. I always thought of Kryon to be God. Can anyone talk to Kryon in the shower or anywhere? Dumb question I know and I do know the answer but it would be nice to hear the answer anyway.

  11. We are honored to have a good spirit being able to reach us through Lee. We owe a lot to Lee for the energy he spends to pass the message. Following up with him and Kryon has been rewarding the last nine months; since I discovered him. Monika is also a goddess on earth.

  12. Thank You Lee for being who You are . Your ongoing intrapersonal
    integrity, Your desire for clarity in translating the Quantum Loving, Kind & Compassionate knowledge & wisdom is admired .
    I am more because of You

  13. Thank you so much for this information about Kryon. I was actually going to pose a question, who is Kryon on the Circle of 12. Of course it wouldn’t hurt to give us a few more details. Smile. 🙂

  14. I just want to say thank you to Lee for bringing the Kryon messages to humanity.
    What an amazing gift we have with this compassionate energy to turn to, with
    merely a click. I am sending a huge thank you to Lee and to Kryon, with much love!

  15. I cannot help myself but feel the love, be loved and love when I listen to Lee’s voice and the messages from Kryon. Thank you so much for accepting this beautiful path and guide us through all of this.

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